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AppDynamics Support Advisories

February 3, 2020

Support Advisory: Azure SAML Support

December 13, 2019Support Advisory: Search Guard Removed from On-Premises Events Service
October 25, 2019Desupport Notice: Swagger API Interface in AppDynamics Platform Deprecated
July 8, 2019Support Advisory: Hierarchical Configuration Inheritance Model End of Life (EOL) Notice
April 14, 2019Desupport Notice: Monitoring Support for Older Browsers
April 10, 2019Support Advisory: High Thread Count in  Azure and Microservice .NET Applications
January 28, 2019

Support Advisory: License Rules do not support Service Availability Monitoring

January 10, 2019Support Advisory: Missing URL in Transaction Snapshots 
November 23, 2018Support Advisory: Compatibility issue between database agent and controller
October 15, 2019Desupport Notice: iOS 6
October 11, 2018Support Advisory: Controller screens not loading due to AdBlock
August 22, 2018Support Advisory: 4.5 SAML login requests fail post upgrade
July 17, 2018Support Advisory: 4.5 Controller installation fails without Internet access
July 10, 2018Support Advisory: Instability in Database Visibility 4.4
January 31, 2018Support Advisory: Node.js v8 profile memory leak
January 31, 2018Support Advisory: Node.js agent memory leak
January 29, 2018Desupport Notice: Python 2.6
July 20, 2017Support Advisory: Oracle RAC requires additional setup in 4.3
May 26, 2017Support Advisory: Controller Dashboard is blank for SAML users in 4.3
May 17, 2017Support Advisory - Applications with very long method signatures may crash in 4.3.0 or
May 17, 2017Support Advisory: Node.js v6 and v7 may crash
May 10, 2017Support Advisory: Applications using NewtonSoft.Json may crash in 4.3
April 11, 2017Support Advisory: SAML Authentication Fails after 4.3 Upgrade
April 5, 2017Desupport Notice: Java Development Kit 5
April 5, 2017

Support Advisory: "Disk Usage is Too High" Health Rule is Disabled in Release 4.3 and Higher