This page lists the resolved issues for the agents, the Controller (on-premises or SaaS), and the on-premises platform in the 20.12 release. 

When artifacts are updated, they are listed with their new version numbers in the tables below. Version numbers are also shown in the AppDynamics Downloads Portal.

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Agent Resolved Issues

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ANALYTICS-13154Java AgenttoString() method displays [“[Ljava.lang.String;@23377943”] error for Java arrays in Data Collectors20.12.0
BRUM-6403JavaScript Agent

Page renders slowly for AngularJS apps if there is no onreadystatechange handler for AJAX calls

BRUM-6438JavaScript AgentADRUM cookie triggers sameSite attribute warning in Firefox20.12.0
CLUSTERMON-2259Cluster AgentThe cluster-agent-operator-openshift.yaml file fails to deploy the pod on OpenShift and the log displays the no matches for kind “Clustercollector” in version error20.12.1
CLUSTERMON-2088Cluster AgentThe auto-instrumentation does not work when there is a space in the appname configuration within the cluster-agent.yaml file20.12.0
DBMON-7391Database AgentThe Network IO metrics value displays an unreasonable number for the AIX servers20.12.0
DBMON-7561Database AgentWhen configuring Monitoring Operating System for an AWS RDS collector, the eu-north-1 region is not displayed20.12.0
DBMON-7495Database AgentWhen the IP address of the host machine keeps changing, the database metrics drop to zero and the Events page displays that the collectors are reinitialized20.12.0
DBMON-7444Database AgentWhen a database uses the Database Partitioning Feature (DPF), the Calls per Minute metric on the Metric Browser displays incorrect data20.12.0
DBMON-7428Database AgentThe hardware monitoring stops working and the log displays the com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException: session is down error20.12.0
DOTNET-5047.NET AgentAbility to download latest .NET Agent from the Controller20.12.0
DOTNET-5108.NET AgentFixed issue of incorrect CPU% reporting in certain cases20.12.0
DOTNET-5111.NET AgentDownload link for .NET has been updated on the Getting Started Wizard page20.12.0
DOTNET-5270.NET AgentAbility to add headers to ASP.NET Core HTTP responses is now available20.12.0
DOTNET-5300.NET AgentAgent MSI MA registration request with vCPU information was extended to support IBL licensing20.12.0
DOTNET-5332.NET AgentFixed a crash for .NET Agent with 20.x Microsoft Azure site extension when application uses EasyAuth20.12.0
DOTNET-5340.NET AgentUnhandled exception in timer thread may cause application crash in some situations20.12.0
NODEJS-199Node.js AgentStandalone 64-bit Node.js Agent versions 10 and 12 fail in Linux with a Segmentation Fault error20.12.0
NODEJS-284Node.js AgentNode.js Agent errors in Alpine-based Docker images20.12.0
PHP-999PHP AgentPHP Agent does not detect ports when a client uses CURLOPT_PORT instead of placing it in the URL20.12.0
PHP-1187PHP Agent

Analytics snapshot data is missing for continuing and terminating the PHP Tiers snapshots

PYTHON-518Python AgentUpstream application is not visible on Controller when the downstream application is Python20.12.0
SERVER-8351Machine AgentMachine Agent works with user-defined JAVA_HOME with -j flag20.12.0

Controller (SaaS/On-Premises) Resolved Issues

There are no Controller releases for 20.12 yet.

On-Premises Platform Resolved Issues

There are no on-premises platform releases for 20.12 yet.

Known Issues

There are no known issues in the 20.12 release as of yet.