Who is impacted?

All customers currently using Service Availability Monitoring (SAM).

What is Service Availability Monitoring (SAM)?

SAM’s primary functionality is to determine whether a service is experiencing downtime.

What is being EOL?

Effective immediately, customers who have never purchased SAM will no longer be able to do so. Renewals and additional licenses by existing customers of SAM that are purchased before June 2021, for a one-year term only, are permitted. All existing users of SAM can continue to use it.

Is there a replacement available for SAM?

Yes, AppDynamics Synthetic API monitoring enables you to monitor the availability and performance of HTTP(s) based APIs. These APIs can be internal, external, or third-party APIs and from different geo-locations across the globe.

We recommend SAM customers using SaaS Controller to move to Synthetic API Monitoring and SAM customers using the on-premises Controller to move to Web Monitoring (PSA).

See Install the Private Synthetic Agent (Web and API Monitoring) for setting up Web or API Monitoring.

For additional details, refer to the FAQ community post.

Can I continue to purchase the SAM SKU?

Customers who have previously purchased the SAM SKU can purchase additional 1-year licenses of the SKU and renew for a one-year term until June 2021. 

Can I continue to get support for SAM?

Yes, we will continue to respond to support requests for SAM in line with your user agreement until 2024, unless a replacement is made available earlier at no additional cost. 

What if I have questions?

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact customer support or use our support portal.