This page applies to an earlier version of the AppDynamics App IQ Platform.
For documentation on the latest version, see the 4.4 Documentation.

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This topic covers release information for AppDynamics Pro versions 4.0.x.

If you are reading this in PDF format, many links will open in the product documentation wiki. AppDynamics continuously improves its product documentation. The most current release notes are on the wiki at Platform Release Notes

New and Enhanced Features in 4.0

The following components have new and enhanced features in release 4.0.

Controller Updates

Getting Started Experience

  • The getting started experience with AppDynamics has been improved to allow AppDynamics Pro trial users to use the Agent Download Wizard without naming the application or tier. The Controller names the application, tier, and node for the agents automatically, and assigns them to tiers dynamically based on traffic flow. For details, see Instrument Java Applications.

Policies and Alerts

War Room

  • The Virtual War Room integrates real-time custom dashboards with collaborative troubleshooting. See Virtual War Room.
  • A new Streaming Data widget is available in the war room to enable you to see important metrics in real-time.

Cross Application Flow

When you have multiple business applications in the same account on a Controller, AppDynamics maintains the transaction context between applications using cross application flow. Cross application flow works with Java, .NET, and Node.js agents. This feature is supported when the intermediate transport protocol is synchronous but not when it is asynchronous. See "Business Applications" on AppDynamics Concepts. For an illustration of cross application flow, see the All Applications Flow Map on Flow Maps

User Interface

HTML5 pages and flow maps as follows:

  • Event List
  • Node Dashboard
  • Tier Dashboard
  • User Preferences

Custom Dashboards 

  • EUEM, database, and remote service metrics are available as separate metric categories in the metric data selector.
  • New Event List widget is available to add events to your custom dashboard
  • Events Overlay property is available to add events to your metric data graphs.

See Create Custom Dashboards.

Scheduled Reports

You can schedule the delivery of application health reports, audit reports, and reports based on any custom dashboard. Send the report PDFs as email to the recipients of your choice. See Scheduled Reports

AppDynamics Database Monitoring

AppDynamics Database Monitoring is our first step in the transition from our standalone AppDynamics for Databases server offering to a more tightly-integrated solution in which AppDynamics Pro, along with the new Database Agent, monitors and reports your database activity. Many, but not all of the platforms and metrics supported by AppDynamics for Databases are monitored and reported in AppDynamics Pro Database Monitoring. Feature parity between these two offerings is expected in the near future.

Database Monitoring provides complete visibility into your databases and database servers from one central installation using a single pane of glass. Integrated into a central installation of AppDynamics Pro together with the Database Agent, Database Monitoring can easily monitor in a high-volume production environment with 1% overhead. Database Monitoring monitors and trends key performance indicators such as resource consumption, execution plans, wait states, and user sessions using fine-grained historical and real-time data. See Database Monitoring.

AppDynamics Mobile App

Available in the Apple Store. See AppDynamics Mobile App for connection information and details on enabling push notifications to the mobile app from your controller.

Push Notifications

The mobile app includes the capability to receive push notifications from your controller that notify you of application issues within minutes of their occurrence.

To enable push notifications from an on-premise controller, you need to enable a JVM option in the Controller application server. For details, see Enabling Push Notifications.  

End User Experience Management

  • EUM On-premise Processor has dual HTTP/HTTPS support 
  • Can use custom GeoServer on on-prem Processor without adding geo.war file

Web End User Experience Management Updates

  • Updated Analyze tab, with better filtering and highest load by individual pages, iframes, and AJAX requests
  • Expanded on-demand Synthetic Beta, including new metrics
  • Private Beta for Synthetic Scheduler

Mobile End User Experience Management Updates 

  • NSURLSession supported  - requires 4.0 iOS SDK.  Does not support data while App is sleeping
  • AFNetworking 2.0 supported
  • Can customize Crash Snapshots by adding text breadcrumbs - requires 4.0 Controller, Agent, SDK, Processor
  • Link to related crash snapshots - requires 4.0 Controller

Application Analytics

  • Transaction Analytics
  • Log Analytics

Java Agent Updates

  • After arriving at a list of business transactions to monitor, you can lock down business transaction discovery to prevent your list of transactions from being modified automatically due to application changes, an app agent upgrade, or other changes. See Configure Business Transaction Detection for more information.
  • The directory structure of the Java Agent has changed. The new structure is designed to support drop-in upgrades for future versions of the Java agent. A directory named with the agent version number now appears under the Java agent home. The directory contains a version-specific Java agent binary and its configuration files. 
    To instrument applications with version 4.0.x of the Java agent: 
    • For the -javaagent argument passed at JVM startup, nothing changes from previous versions: you refer to the javaagent.jar file at the root of the agent home directory to instrument applications (i.e., use "-javaagent:<agent_home>\javaagent.jar"). 
    • To modify the configuration for the Java agent, now edit the configuration files under the version directory: <agent_home>/ver<version_number>/conf (<agent_home>/ver4.0.0.0/conf).
    See Java Agent Directory Structure
  • New platform support and enhancements to existing support:
    • Software AG webMethods
    • JRuby (additional entry points and correlation capabilities)
    • SLF4J, Logback, and log4j 2.0
    • Tibco ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks Services Engine (added built-in support for job tracking)
  • New Exit Point detection for HTTPClient 0.3-3 (this library is used in Oracle SOA, along with other frameworks).

.NET Agent Updates

See Supported Environments and Versions.

PHP Agent Updates

Node.js Agent Updates

  • The Node.js Agent supports call graphs in business transaction snapshots as well as in process snapshots. A call graph in a transaction snapshot is a view of the data from a concurrent process snapshot filtered to display only time in methods attributable to the specific business transaction. 
  • The Node.js Agent reports metrics and event loop metrics for Node.js processes. See Node.js Metrics.
  • A Node.js Agent API is available for creating and managing custom business transactions and exit calls. See Node.js Agent API Reference and Node.js Agent API User Guide.
  • The Node.js Agent supports Node.js version 0.10.33.

Python Agent in Beta

If you are interested in participating in the public beta for the Python Agent, you can read about the agent and join the beta program by clicking the Get Started Button at the bottom of

Security Notes

The following sections list general security information for AppDynamics. For release-specific security information, see the update notes for that release.

Security Issue Addressed

Release 4.0.2 and Release 4.0.3 address security issues affecting 4.0 Controllers. 

Release resolves a security issue. For more information, see Updates.

Release resolves a security issue affecting the Machine Agent. See Updates.

MySQL Security Issues Addressed

Release 4.0.4 updates the embedded MySQL database to version 5.5.42, which includes security fixes.

Release 4.0 includes the MySQL database version 5.5.40. This upgrade addresses various security issues in the embedded MySQL database, including:

  • CVE-2012-5615
  • CVE-2014-4274
  • CVE-2014-4287

For details see (requires login).

Controller Notes

The following notes apply to on-premise Controller users. You can download the Controller for installation on premises from the AppDynamics Download Center.

Before you install or upgrade the Controller, validate the hardware requirements as listed at Controller System RequirementsIf installing on Windows, note the operational and configuration guidelines listed in Configure Windows for Controller Hosting for preventing the possibility of Controller data corruption due to conflicts with existing Windows processes. 

Enabling Push Notifications

The ability to generate push notifications for the AppDynamics mobile monitoring application is disabled by default in the on-premise Controllers.

In 4.0.1, or later, you can enable mobile push notifications in the Controller administration console by setting the push.notification.service.enabled flag to true. The change takes effect immediately. 

In 4.0.x versions up to 4.0.1, you need to add a JVM option to the Controller's configuration. Use the modifyJvmOptions utility to add the option, as follows: 

  • On Linux: 

    <controller_home>/bin/ add -Dappdynamics.controller.push.notification.enabled=true
  • On Windows:

    <controller_home>\bin\modifyJvmOptions.bat add "-Dappdynamics.controller.push.notification.enabled=true"

Restart the Controller to have the change take effect. 

Known Controller Issues

  • An exception may appear in the logs on startup indicating that an Apache .jar file is missing. This is harmless and the exception can be ignored.

  • An exception sometimes occurs during application configuration export. 

Known Issues for Health Rule Import/Export

Health rule import fails when you match on the metric type “ABSOLUTE_METRIC_SCOPE”.
If you are trying to import or export a health rule using the REST API with a match on ABSOLUTE_METRIC_SCOPE for the metric type, use LOGICAL_METRIC as the metric type instead.

Installation and Upgrade Changes and Known Issues

  • The Controller supports older Agents. Newer Agents will not work with an older Controller version. See the Agent - Controller Compatibility Matrix.
  • The Controller application server and database are now installed as services on Windows operating systems.  
  • For all major upgrades, AppDynamics recommends that you upgrade both the Controller and Agents. This ensures that you get all the latest Agent features and fixes. If you are upgrading both the Controller and the Agents, first upgrade the Controller then upgrade the Agents. 
  • The installer now automatically makes a backup of important configuration files before applying an upgrade. The files are backed up to <controller-install-dir>/backup. The installer preserves many manual customizations to settings that are most likely to be modified. However, if you have customized these files manually, we recommend that you compare the backed up configuration files to the new configuration files after upgrade.  
  • If you are applying the upgrade by passing a response file to the installer, you must pass the response file generated by the installer at first installation. This response file is at .install4j/response.varfile under the Controller home directory. Make sure that the settings in the file reflect any configuration changes you have made since installation. 
  • After installation, the Controller log server.log contains error messages logged at the severity level SEVERE indicating that certificates have expired. The certificates are unused by the Controller, and it is safe to disregard the errors. 

  • Known issue: An issue prevents you from changing the database port number at upgrade time if using a response file. If you set a different database port in the response file, response.varfile, from the one used by the Controller, the installation times out while attempting to start the database. 
  • Although it is possible to install more than one Database Agent on the same machine reporting to the same Controller, AppDynamics does not recommend this. Metrics could be multiplied by the number of Database Agents installed and there will be unnecessary resource consumption due to running multiple agents.

For more information, see Upgrade the Controller.

EUEM Processor Notes

The following notes apply to the on-premise EUEM Processor component of the End User Experience Management deployment.

Upgrade Notes and Known Issues

  • The 4.0.x EUEM Processor works only with a 4.0.x Controller. To upgrade the processor, upgrade the Controller first and then apply the 4.0 update to the EUEM Processor. After upgrading the EUEM Processor, restart the Controller.
  • Attempting to uninstall the process with the uninstall script (./uninstallEUEM) may fail with Java exceptions. If you encounter this issue, set the JAVA_HOME environment variable to the <eum_home>/jre directory and try running the uninstaller again. For example, on Linux: 

    export JAVA_HOME=<eum_install_dir>/jre
    ./uninstallEUEM -q 

    Note: -q directs the uninstaller to run in quiet mode.

  • Note that Analytics configuration settings have been moved from the file to the file. 

Deprecation Notice

AppDynamics no longer supports Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 as of October 2014 for the Controller user interface. Deprecation of IE 8 has become necessary as the Controller UI makes increasing use of rich, dynamic HTML 5.

Who does this affect?

  • All SaaS customers accessing AppDynamics Controller environments need to upgrade their Internet Explorer browser to a newer version, or use another supported browser platform.
  • On-premise customers deploying versions of AppDynamics Controllers shipped after October 2014 need to upgrade their Internet Explorer browser to a newer version, or use another supported browser platform.
  • AppDynamics will continue to support IE 8 on Controllers from earlier releases.

This does not affect EUM clients. The JavaScript Agent will continue to capture End User Experience metrics from IE 8 browsers. 

Resolved Issues in 4.0.x

This section lists resolved issues in the 4.0.x releases. 

Resolved Issues in 4.0.0


.NET AgentDisabling user principal collection not working for HttpDataCollecorsCORE23211
.NET AgentMultiple MIDCs defined for the same "Class Name", "Method Name" for two or more BTs don't workCORE-28784
.NET AgentApp name and tier name should not be case sensitive for POCOsCORE-31348
.NET AgentCalling HttpMessageInvoker.SendAsync directly would cause an unfinished async exit callCORE-32373
.NET Agent, Controller-APMImprove naming for LDAP backendsCORE-32526
.NET AgentCoordinator failing to start can lead to high CPU overheadCORE-32558
.NET AgentCustom Exit point setup for Memcache .NET library caused application crashCORE-32996
.NET AgentTLS 1.2 not enabled by default causes agent controller connection problemsCORE-33309
.NET AgentPassword seen in connection string at Backend Dashboard for Microsoft SQL ServerCORE-33628
.NET AgentIncorrect object size in Object Instance TrackingCORE-34002
.NET AgentMachine snapshots sometimes cause CPU spikesCORE-34341
.NET AgentAsync WCF continuation is lost on the flowmap and in the snapshotCORE-34396
.NET AgentAgent correlation exception on async 'Custom Exit Point'CORE-34397
.NET AgentHigh CPU & Memory usage for applications using TaskFactory.FromAsync and long Custom_Async metricsCORE-34457
.NET AgentCustom logger causing problems in processing messages with NServiceBusCORE-34971
.NET AgentAgent causing application hang during the Snapshotting processCORE-35331
.NET AgentImprove capturing and reporting exceptions in Async interceptorsCORE-35469
.NET Agent404 call is registering new business transaction in MVC application when MVC Action can not be foundCORE-27586
AgentAgent does not need to have password to read Truststore file and should not accept itCORE-19650
AgentAgent does not look for the right port used in http exit callsCORE-21467
AgentAkka 2.x - Scala local actor relay misses transaction contextCORE-26844
AgentJava agent ClassMetaDataManager.locateClass() NPECORE-30368
Agentcontroller-host XML element is not getting overriden by -Dappdynamics.controller.hostNameCORE-30791
AgentRemove forceful chmod 777 on files by machine agentCORE-31271
AgentConfusing error message from machine agent's metric parsing codeCORE-31322
AgentAgent Deadlock observed during shutdown with Jacoco enabledCORE-31344
AgentAgentErrorHandler should not convert WARN to ERRORCORE-31359
Agentgetter-chain not supported for payload-operation in custom correlation XMLCORE-31909
AgentDisable Stall Transaction fails on standard deviationCORE-32063
AgentReflectionExceptions crowd out other user exceptions in the UICORE-32310
AgentExcessive BCI processing caused by Network Socket transformation rulesCORE-32384
AgentBusiness Transaction Exclude rule not working as expected; option to run excludes before custom rulesCORE-32413
AgentCustom activity consumer MIDG config without a name fails to register backendCORE-32472
AgentIncrease in memory consumption when large Exception objects are detectedCORE-32797
AgentInclude BT name in snapshot abort warningsCORE-32808
AgentPerformance Overhead in capturing stack traces of individual threadsCORE-32925
AgentJava Agent Pause transaction monitoring flag not enabledCORE-33023
AgentOOTB CallGraphPackages excludes match more than they shouldCORE-33104
AgentInfinispan state cleanupCORE-33155
AgentsetNull call for PreparedStatementBind should be tracked to show "null" in raw SQLCORE-33205
AgentInstrumentation not applied to MessageListener in certain casesCORE-33296
AgentGetting agent logs via Controller UI misses some important filesCORE-33312
Agent, Machine AgentNeed to be able to configure max events allowed on machine agentCORE-33375
AgentObserved excessive/repeated logs of [Enabling hotspots for BT...] for the same BTCORE-33553
AgentOOTB support for com.jnetdirect.jsql.* JDBC driverCORE-33666
AgentCreation of a correlation header with an existing HeaderChain ignores donotresolve attribute, and can redundantly decorate ctrlguidCORE-33732
AgentStackTraceHelper.calculateHashCode() can NPECORE-33842
AgentCallStackSampler QualityTracker has incorrect statsCORE-34131
AgentAgent disabled with ASM conflict warning on JRockitCORE-34371
AgentDynamic service manager should not register mbean in the context of premainCORE-34399
AgentCastorClassMapping - Error calling getDescriptors()CORE-34405
AgentAsync metrics not appearing when using chained constructorsCORE-34536
AgentBCIFixer batch process fails to re-transformCORE-34781
AgentErrorHandler#errorObjects collection contribute towards OOMCORE-34782
AgentTransactionMonitor.cleanupThreadLocals() can throw AIOBECORE-34798
AgentIssue with Custom Metric Information Point issue with equals method in getter chainCORE-35183
AgentAgent registration in premain in Java 8 may cause JVM to crash in certain casesCORE-35211
Agentreferences to tomcat's classloaders held by agent in certain casesCORE-35397
AgentBoundsEnforcer Warnings, Reported as an errorsCORE-35453
AgentIdentityHashMap potential leakCORE-35613
AgentException from the AgentCORE-35941
AgentSome excludes for fork-configCORE-35989
AgentBug in Log4j disable Logging messageCORE-36027
AgentAgent holding onto Axis2 client causes increased memory usageCORE-36233
AgentInclude/exclude options in fork-config section are misleadingCORE-36314
AgentSeveral exceptions when using in-process correlationCORE-36623
Analytics(Tail) Moving a newly created non-empty file causes NoSuchFileException in logCORE-32089
AnalyticsStarting analytics-processor displays awk related warnings.CORE-32102
AnalyticsUnable to parse config on Windows platformCORE-32515
AnalyticsKafka message source and pipeline cannot be restartedCORE-33491
AnalyticsVersionConflictEngineException when trying to register accounts for EUMCORE-34568
Android AgentANR detector is not shut down when Android agent is disabled by the EUM cloudCORE-33463
Android AgentEUEM Instrumentation.start() fails with trailing slash on collector host URLCORE-36732
Controller-APMBT registration failureCORE-27612
Controller-APM, DB Agentnode purging is unable to delete dbmon nodesCORE-28174
Controller-APM, DB AgentUnfriendly error message when trying save a new collector when you don't have a dbmon licenseCORE-30328
Controller-APM, DB AgentA user can create two separate collectors pointing to the same host name and port (with different db types)CORE-30616
Controller-APM, DB AgentFix corner case during simultaneous creation of DB configs from the UICORE-30937
Controller-APM, UIBaseline - 'Use a Specific Time Range' ignores AM/PM when the system uses 12 hour formatCORE-31198
Controller-APM, DB AgentDB configs of deleted accounts should not be counted against the total DB Agent licensesCORE-31313
Controller-APMAccountManagerTest.testUpdateInvalidNotificationConfig failing in masterCORE-31649
Controller-APMNode properties that are applied to a node tied to a controller app and machine persist even after an agent reinstalls and is configured to report to a different Controller applicationCORE-32880
Controller-APMNodes beyond node retention period not purged in OACORE-33183
Controller-APMFix "Detected SHA1 collision for account wide metrics" Warnings in logsCORE-35336
Controller-APMViewing group BT dashboard causes java.lang.NullPointerExceptionCORE-35449
Controller-APM3.8.6.3 GA Controller shows 4.0 version numberCORE-36142
Controller-DevOpsHealth Rule evaluation doesn't gracefully handle metric deletionCORE-23457
Controller-DevOpsHealth Rule, Health Rule Violation and Health Rule Event Summaries do not escape HTML textCORE-27409
Controller-DevOpsNode purge background task had security failure in Health Rule deletionCORE-31793
Controller-DevOpsEvents List: Tier discovery events aren't shown in events listCORE-33778
Controller-DevOpsAction Suppression purger thread did not clear security overrideCORE-34615
Controller-DevOpsEmail body missing data causing a ${eventInfo.getEventMessage()} substitution to not renderCORE-36324
Controller-EUM, InstallerController Upgrade: domain.xml file replaced the EUM cloud hostname to default after Controller upgrade using EUM On-PremCORE-32824
Controller-EUMDropping Metrics with Asian characters in their nameCORE-34544
Controller-EUMErrors caused by deleting synthetic snapshotsCORE-35693
Controller-PlatformPrompt for elevated permissions in Windows Controller installCORE-30737
Controller-PlatformController should use new async correlation by defaultCORE-30817
Controller-Platform, DB AgentDatabase monitoring needs to handle account deletion properlyCORE-31335
Controller-PlatformHistorical events not displayingCORE-31358
Controller-PlatformREST API for application name throws IndexOutOfBoundsExceptionCORE-31529
Controller-Platform, InstallerHarmless connection refuse exception while running ' stop'CORE-32702
Controller-PlatformHistorical Events Query not working on Paid79CORE-32730
Controller-PlatformController running out of memory -TSS Memory LeakCORE-32807
Controller-PlatformJVM options and analytics configuration not restored after controller upgradeCORE-33316
Controller-PlatformController upgrade JRE customizationsCORE-34795
Controller-PlatformRemove expandedArchives from Controller WARCORE-34938
Controller-PlatformTurn on events query fast path by default for masterCORE-35102
Controller-PlatformSetting LDAP sync property has no effectCORE-36700
Controller-PlatformMetric Cache and Duplicate Packet log statementsCORE-37010
DB AgentHandle the case where two SQL Queries have the same sha1 hashCORE-27787
DB AgentException in agent for MS SQL collectorCORE-31269
DB AgentError On AServerCollectorCORE-31506
DB AgentDB agent config for SQL Server in 3.9 will not accept local instance nameCORE-31812
DB AgentCustomer concerns on workaround for UI error message "The current user 'testuser' does not have permission to do this. (action: CREATE_APPLICATIONS entity: ACCOUNT 0)"CORE-33352
DB Agent"No permission" error appears sometimes on loginCORE-34918
DB AgentOracle - failing to add a second dbagent to monitor another sid running on same host and same portCORE-35896
DB AgentBeta 3.9.5 - User 'xxx' does not have permission to run DBCC TRACEON.CORE-37116
EUMCloudEUM JS code could round a resource's 0.99ms duration to 0msCORE-33111
EUMCloudAccount limit should be increased only for LITE user associated with 3.9.3.x or higher controllerCORE-34224
EUMCloud, JSAgentResource Timing Category - AJAX calls are showing up as OtherCORE-34961
EUMCloudInformation Point Values IncorrectCORE-35128
EUMCloud, UIResource Snapshot Bucketing / Filtering is not workingCORE-35176
EUMCloudEUM monitor exposes unredacted license keysCORE-35549
EUMCloudCrash groups table is explodingCORE-35618
EUMCloudDiscrepancy between crash trend number and snapshots for 3.9CORE-35912
EUMCloudCollector gets NPE on this trivial inputCORE-36121
EUMCloudToo many DroppedBeacon due to MALFORMED_ERROR_DATA for customerCORE-36754
iOS AgentReporting info points using iOS agent causes the application to hang if the agent receives 'disabled' command from the collectorCORE-35959
iOS AppNavigating to the events page, away and then back again causes errorCORE-35155
Machine AgentAnother NPE in MachineAgent Java Hardware MonitorCORE-35462
Node.js Agent, PHP Agent, Python Agent[Proxy] Event message for dynamic languages Proxy restart event needs improvementCORE-31652
Node.js AgentNode runtime metrics are reported for top level process, even if it is not the app processCORE-36250
PHP Agent5000 max call graph nodes log message doesn't stopCORE-31644
PHP AgentFramework detector detects frameworks for disabled entrypointsCORE-36820
Synthetic AgentProvide more precise error messages from failed Synthetic SnapshotsCORE-34125
UIExit calls column text is truncated in snapshot viewedCORE-26367
UIDon't show memory tab for .NET "machine agent tier"CORE-26667
UIController UI Tier rename warning needs to be updatedCORE-27247
UIBackend configuration -> add match condition adds parentheses to getter chains, making it impossible to use fields in gettersCORE-27312
UIAverage response time shown on flow map is incorrectCORE-27556
UIHow AppDynamics Works Youtube Video is Blocked By ProxyCORE-28256
UILabels for custom dashboard time range don't reflect actual resolution intervalsCORE-28281
UIAll location options are not available on HTML screensCORE-28697
UISQL Calls don't appear in exported PDFCORE-29032
UIUnable to fit custom dashboard within iframeCORE-29119
UIDrilldown URL doesn't work for Graph and Pie chartCORE-29140
UIActions Executed screen assumes a single policyCORE-29154
UIAdmin UI Controller settings should not allow zeroCORE-29632
UIApp list needs space between green right and textCORE-30139
UIUser is not notified in the UI when the db collector credentials are incorrect (or any other issue reported by the agent)CORE-30519
UIUnable to Select Range In Transaction Analysis IE 11CORE-30967
UIFirefox - CD absolute view - Widgets dragging from add widget menu doesn't work correctlyCORE-31176
UIBT filter does not persist in BT config discovery sessionCORE-31199
EUMCloud, UIMissing controller host name at the end of Controller configuration for EUEM (Linux)CORE-31253
UIBT Grid scroll bar not working appropriately in IE9CORE-31291
UIUnable to View dashboard of impl_version = '1.0' in v3.8 controller -> Dashboard listCORE-31325
Controller-APM, UIData Collector Configuration link not workingCORE-31453
UIIE11 - Custom dashboard - Vertical scrollbar is not availableCORE-31531
UIApp dashboards: Events section doesn't update on timeCORE-31603
UIDB config list in the UI can go out of sync with the mysql databaseCORE-31642
UINewly created widget not picking dashboard timerangeCORE-31673
UIDouble clicking on a chart should open the metric browserCORE-31730
UIFlowmap arrows Empty in IE 9 to 11CORE-31767
UIApp Dash > Events > Overall App Performance Event links to different countCORE-31790
UI'You are not monitoring any databases' label still appears after configuring a DBCORE-31800
UIMessage about controller-info.xml when changing tier name should be suppressed in the PHP and Node.js agentsCORE-31802
UIRemove .NET Service Endpoint Message Queue Destination dropdownCORE-31945
UINextGen Flow Map ART Charts not Rendered Properly at Application LevelCORE-32068
UIMissing End User Experience on "All Applications"CORE-32364
UIA few UI issues with the DB server listCORE-32435
UI1 min resolution intervals not shown correctly in global time range dropdownCORE-32602
UI"APPDYNAMICS_DEFAULT_TXN_" is shown as BT name at Custom DashboardCORE-32639
UIClicking on other space should close link descriptionCORE-32721
UIApplication import is broken (rename app during app import not working)CORE-32729
UIGraphic artifacts on call graph obscure the parent class/methodCORE-32774
UIEUEM network request snapshots page - Html grid header is larger than grid containerCORE-33036
UICannot press "Save" twice when editing account info from admin pageCORE-33106
UIWhen you save a custom time range in Flex, the HTML time selector doesn't load the saved time ranges until you refresh the browserCORE-33120
UIImprove experience on session timeout (UI Logout error)CORE-33126
UINode.js specific language for err.messageCORE-33161
UIShould not allow non-leaf node to be selected in Health Rule typeCORE-33272
UI"With load" filter on Mobile NR dash and Web Page Dash is too mysteriousCORE-33342
UIPosition of Widgets on Dashboard will not persist on subsequent Edit/SaveCORE-33493
UIUI Business Transaction dashboard filter highlighted input boxesCORE-33516
UIRelative Metric Path needs explanation on its usage within Custom DashboardsCORE-33650
UISQL call pane is too small to read and can't be expanded or scrolled with mouseCORE-33693
UIProperly Sanitize Dashboard NamesCORE-33760
UIServer Call Diagnostic Viewer missing on HTML5 screensCORE-33775
UIMultiple backend drill down does not have scrollCORE-33890
UIList selectors such as on the filter of "Web Analyze" are unusable with 100's of itemsCORE-33980
UIShared dashboard requires Controller login after being open for some timeCORE-34095
UINode count is not displaying properly in the HR list screenCORE-34244
UIBusiness Transaction Discovery - Viewing snapshot sometimes throws Ext exception and appears to hangCORE-34254
UIBusiness Transaction Discovery - Class Method Wizard Dropdown is misplacedCORE-34255
UIAdd Baseline information back into the hovercardsCORE-34340
UIChrome - Slow Highcharts mouse trackingCORE-34442
UICustom Dash - all tiers selection doesn't work properlyCORE-34478
UIWhen all agents are manually removed from the tier, the health circle is clear instead of blue (unknown)CORE-34496
UISpelling Error - on Configure Flow MapCORE-34535
UIClass Method wizard dropdown doesn't toggle on clicking on documentCORE-34545
UIController: NRE from ErrorsUiService.getErrorSummaryCORE-34548
UICustom dashboard degradation and slow performanceCORE-34555
UIVersion check called incorrectlyCORE-34695
UIBaseline shading doesn't work in the Metric BrowserCORE-34724
UICustom Dashboard UI is distorted after opening and closing metric browser from a dashletCORE-34751
UIUsage Stat sub tabs have multiple columns with same namesCORE-34767
UIAnalyze Filters are lost when I change the time windowCORE-34785
UIProblem editting filter text in BT dashboardCORE-34823
UIWidget/Label goes missing from "My Dashboards" by switching between dashboardsCORE-34926
UIBaseline configuration page: Instruction says 'min 0 days', but validation don't allow 0 daysCORE-34976
UIUnable to Double Click Unique Crash Line ItemCORE-35131
UIUnable to Select Crash Snapshots Text from Crash ReportsCORE-35132
UIBusiness Transaction dash data doesn't match on flow map and tree viewCORE-35184
UIBusiness Transaction List not sorting by healthCORE-35290
UISpark charts on BT dashboard with 4 digit counts cause problemsCORE-35307
Controller-EUM, UIBroken docs link for "Additional Information" in "Customize your Deployment"CORE-35416
UIAvoid logging SEVERE messages and stacktraces for ObjectNotFoundExceptions during normal CRUD operationCORE-35483
UIEUM: SomeTime Resource By Type count does not match with Resource Waterfall listCORE-35573
UI"Other" tiers show up blank in application flow map with 0 nodesCORE-35584
UIApplication flow map lags, get sluggish, on larger controllersCORE-35586
UIMissing browser snapshots from Slowest DB callsCORE-35657
UIAbility to select/highlight a specific time range from the main application dashboard and view snapshots in the selected time rangeCORE-35786
UICan’t change widget title & Legend font colours for graphsCORE-35787
UIUnchecking 'Show Spark Charts' in the BT UI does not persist across sessionsCORE-35825
UIJumping snapshot bugCORE-35953
UIIncrease RequireJS timeoutCORE-36052
UIThe 'Slowest DB and remote calls' popup is not usefulCORE-36223
UIThe EUM Map View Options popup is very non-intuitiveCORE-36224
UIGeo map in grid mode by default: | End | End | End | End | DOM | DOM | DOM | DOM | Fr | Re | HTM | HTM | HTMCORE-36323
UIBusiness Transaction dash tree view - Data doesn't match in tree viewCORE-36362
UIBusiness Transaction flowmap does not color flowlines according to baseline response timesCORE-36392
UIClicking "Back To All Business Transactions" from a Business Transaction Group view breaks any FilterCORE-36531
UILocation bar link for APP_EUM_PLATFORM goes to the wrong locationCORE-36675
UIBackend Metrics don't aggregate in hovercard if called from multiple tiersCORE-36726 Updates

Resolved Issues


AnalyticsIndices not rolling and when rolling had incorrect number of shardsCORE-37193 Updates

Resolved Issues


Controller-PlatformInconsistent node and metric reportingCORE-37975 Updates

Resolved Issues


Controller-PlatformLicensed agent count values incorrectCORE-38320 Updates

Resolved Issues


Controller-PlatformData rollup at certain intervals not working correctly, resulting in missing data pointsCORE-38503


4.0.1 Updates


Controller Updates

  • Logging has been enhanced so that when an agent fails to register with the Controller due to version incompatibility, the log now identifies the server on which the agent runs.  
  • Distinct event type for close-warning, close-critical, cancel-warning and cancel-critical have been introduced to provide finer-granularity control over policy-based notifications. 

Java Agent Updates

Release 4.0 introduced a new Java Agent home directory structure, which included a version-specific subdirectory. The conf directory under the version directory, such as ver4.0.0.0, contains the controller-info.xml for that agent version. As of 4.0.1, controller-info.xml can exist in both of the following locations:    

  • The version-specific conf directory: <agent_home>/verX.X.X.X/conf (such as appd_javaagent/ver4.0.0.0/conf)

  • The global conf directory: <agent_home>/conf

At startup time, the agent merges the contents of both files, with priority given to the copy in the version-specific directory. 

.NET Agent Updates

For Windows Azure deployments you can update the .NET Agent configuration for the currently installed version without upgrading the agent. See "Update Agent Configuration" on Install AppDynamics for Windows Azure with NuGet.

Node.js Agent Updates

The Node.js Agent supports Node.js versions 0.10.34 and 0.10.35 .


  • On-premise clustered and scalable Analytics Processor, supervised by ZooKeeper, now GA.
  • REST API for testing and debugging grok and timestamp expressions for Log Analytics.
  • User Activity Analytics (EUEM) in beta.

On-Premise EUEM

Our terminology is changing. The backend component for the on-premise EUEM deployment (formerly called "EUEM Processor") is now called "EUM Server." The new term appears in the EUEM installer. Note that the EUM and EUEM terms are interchangeable, and both terms still appear in the documentation and in the product.

Mobile EUEM

SDK for iOS and Android now with new APIs for supporting custom HTTP libraries. 

AppDynamics Mobile App

The setting to enable push notifications from on-premise Controllers to the AppDynamics mobile app is now available as a Controller Setting in the Administration Console. See Enabling Push Notifications for more information.  

Resolved Issues

.NET AgentODBC backend is not parsed correctly; named as Unknown backendCORE‑33046
.NET AgentUnable to instrument Windows services with 3.9.4 agentCORE-37026
.NET AgentOption to enable monitoring CLR crashes for all processes has a typoCORE-37060
.NET AgentMachine snapshot causing 100% CPU spike for dllhostCORE-38068
AgentReferences to Tomcat's classloaders held by agent in certain casesCORE-35397
AgentPOJO rule definition in 'transaction discovery session' may incorrectly be registered as a real transactionCORE-36906
AgentNPE in MetricAggregatorFactoryCORE-37338
AgentNode property coalesced-cg-generation does not take effectCORE-37339
AgentJVM Crash event gets generated when there are no crashes when XX:ErrorFile is usedCORE-37775
AgentExclude classes from instrumentation based on ClassLoader class nameCORE-37844
AnalyticsApplication missing from All Applications ScreenCORE-32080
AnalyticsFlakey ClusterRouteResourceTestCORE-34977
AnalyticsError while registering analytics processor as a service on WindowsCORE-36543
AnalyticsClean up inconsistent exception handling in Event ServiceCORE-37088
AnalyticsFix on-premise migration scriptsCORE-37113
AnalyticsSnapshots taking excessive CPU cyclesCORE-37259
AnalyticsToo frequent young GCs occuring on data and master nodesCORE-37260
AnalyticsGetting QUORUM exception in prod when doing rolling upgrades of the nodesCORE-37281
AnalyticsEUM Analytics: missing support for proxyHost/proxyPortCORE-37322
AnalyticsProvide abstraction in controller to query for EUM data using EUM account nameCORE-37452
AnalyticsAdd ability to force roll over without restarting nodesCORE-37625
AnalyticsDynamic fields should have doc_values enabled on demandCORE-37866
AnalyticsThis specific dbmon query is not performantCORE-38016
AnalyticsRefactoring metadata apis to omit eventType as parameterCORE-38095
Android AgentAndroid BCI generates incorrect byte code when run on square's picasso libraryCORE-37444
Android AgentAndroid BCI incorrectly generates new Activity lifecycle methodsCORE-37509
Controller-APMController shows a negative availability % in some casesCORE-37143
Controller-APMDon't throw exception when Event doesn't have Application IDCORE-37159
Controller-APMPerformance Improvement: Filter push notification processing for subset of event typesCORE-37309
Controller-APMFor using push notifications user need not have administrative privilegesCORE-37310
Controller-APMMake Push Notification Event Queues boundedCORE-37518
Controller-APMApplications List view performance improvementCORE-37679
Controller-APMPopulate App ID even for push notification with single eventCORE-37984
Controller-DevOpsEvent email body has missing substitution parameterCORE-37184
Controller-DevOpsHealth rule cache load performance improved (during controller startup)CORE-37484
Controller-DevOpsPerformance degradation in health rule processing on large controllersCORE-37647
Controller-DevOpsPerformance issue while loading health rule objects from the databaseCORE-37802
Controller-EUM, UIExcluded pages being counted towards total pages in Web EUEMCORE-35492
Controller-PlatformImproved Controller License Error MessageCORE-31477
Controller-PlatformLicensing: DB agent enforcement messages not in Notification CenterCORE-36779
Controller-Platform, DB AgentRunning the DB agent uses up a machine agent licensesCORE-37007
Controller-PlatformImproved Controller DB License Error MessageCORE-37102
Controller-PlatformImproved handling of Metric cache overflow scenarioCORE-37306
Controller-PlatformCache Time Stamps are incorrect on Update Only insertsCORE-37398
Controller-PlatformSecurity Issue: Unauthorized user can grant permissions to selfCORE-37425
Controller-PlatformSession cookies not regenerated on loginCORE-37436
Controller-PlatformSlow queries due to missing indexCORE-37519
Controller-PlatformTable SHA1 computation issuesCORE-37520
Controller-PlatformDisable X-Powered By headerCORE-37721
Controller-PlatformData roll ups for 1 hour and 10 minute granularity not workingCORE-38503
DB AgentActive session list for PostgreSQL is not displayed in properlyCORE-35385
DB AgentMySQL views are displayed as tables in the object browserCORE-35660
DB Agent, UISybase IQ views do not show details in the object browserCORE-35766
DB Agent, UISybase IQ objects browser can display an incorrect titleCORE-36549
DB AgentObject browser doesn't show DB2 summary informationCORE-36787
DB AgentObject list in the DB2 object browser has incorrect table headersCORE-36793
DB AgentThe summary details in the MySQL object browser are not formatted correctlyCORE-36795
DB AgentUser with 'dbmon user' permission should be able to view the list of collectorsCORE-36799
DB AgentDatabase tab for MySQL object browser shows redundant columns for indexesCORE-36801
DB AgentObject browser should show a warning before loading the storage details for MySQLCORE-36804
DB AgentUsing the object browser causes exceptions to appear in the DB agent logCORE-36813
DB AgentThe "Current Statistics" table in the Oracle object browser is not displayed correctlyCORE-36824
DB AgentDetails for sequences and synonym are not displayed correctly in the Oracle object browserCORE-36826
DB AgentOracle views are not shown correctly in the object browserCORE-36830
DB AgentStorage details for PostgreSQL are not rendered correctly in the object browserCORE-36834
DB AgentThe SQL Server object browser renders summary details incorrectlyCORE-36842
DB AgentThe user list in the SQL Server object browser is not rendered correctlyCORE-36850
DB AgentThe "Current Statistics" list in the SQL Server object browser shows redundant columnsCORE-36853
DB AgentSummary page of Sybase object browser is not rendered correctlyCORE-36858
DB AgentSybase ASE views are not rendered correctly in the object browserCORE-36859
DB AgentSybase ASE tables are missing information in the object browserCORE-36861
DB AgentDB2 table details are not rendered correclty in the object browserCORE-36865
DB AgentDB agent uses SystemAgentLogAppender in log4j.xmlCORE-37173
DB AgentDB agents show up in the agent list as machine agentsCORE-37266
DB AgentNon-DB backends show a link to DB MonitoringCORE-37418
DB AgentDB agent doesn't use HTTP proxyCORE-37470
DB AgentIt isn't possible to add multiple collectors for the same Oracle serverCORE-37544
DB AgentDB Collector status shows green when the agent is not running.CORE-37902
EUMCloud, InstallerChange Installer Label for EUM processorCORE-35924
EUMCloudMeasurements fail with Firefox + HTTPS + (site doesn't support spdy)CORE-36892
EUMCloud, Synthetic AgentSchedules for deleted applications should be deletedCORE-36991
EUMCloud, InstallerUninstall operation throws NPE and process does not terminateCORE-37064
EUMCloudCrash group stack traces are inconsistently formattedCORE-37175
EUMCloudMeasurement fails if site has redirects with relative URL (sighted on
InstallerReporting service causing installer to get stuckCORE-36553
iOS AgentiOS 7.1: NSURLSession Shared Session instrumentation might cause a crashCORE-37816
iOS AppMobile App Push: After deleting config, notifications continue to be received on phoneCORE-38270
PHP AgentPHP Agent SegFault when reporting a PHP Exception with a null trace propertyCORE-37110
PHP AgentPHP Agent segfaults with EUM enabled when no BT contextCORE-37253
PHP AgentInclude api_header.php file in PHP Agent installation packagesCORE-38259
Synthetic AgentScheduled tests aren't throttled when there is a big queue of on-demand testsCORE-36969
Synthetic AgentSchedules for re-enabled accounts should be re-enabledCORE-36987
UIDB Monitoring Dashboard - Auto refresh setting on live view should be persistedCORE-34694
UIEvent list - Sorting doesn't work for Summary columnCORE-34771
UIDB Monitoring: Need to cancel data polling from transient channel when we navigate to another locationCORE-34774
UIDB Monitoring; Oracle active session list misses a "CPU%" columnCORE-35384
UIDB Monitoring; Active session list misses "total row" informationCORE-35390
UIDB Monitoring; clicking quickly on database names shows details for all of them instead of the last one.CORE-36592
UIAnalytics; The table widget does not have the correct column namesCORE-36641
UIAuto-refresh on BT / Tier / Node dash when metric browser is open throws exceptionsCORE-36694
UIDB Monitoring UI: Right clicking below the Config list should not do anythingCORE-36758
UIAnalytics: widget Y-axis label should include the function usedCORE-36763
UIThe more ">>" shows up but is empty in browser RUMCORE-36806
UIAnalytics: The UI freezes after some time when running both travel and telecom demo appsCORE-36913
UIMetric browser could not be launched when war room is activeCORE-36965
UIReporting: Audit reports missing some translationsCORE-37020
UIReporting: Audit reports need time-ranges for titleCORE-37021
UIReporting: Audit reports need to show seconds as part of the time-stamp of an eventCORE-37022
UIIncorrect estimate of snapshot count for schedule is shown in the EUM UI when the start time is before 9:00 amCORE-37041
UIDB page is showing a graph with each point on the x axis repeated twiceCORE-37068
UIEUM Tooltip missing for domains in the domain list in resource timingCORE-37085
UIEnd User Response Time, Page Requests graphs disappear when switching between Synthetic and Real User Traffic in the web geo dashboardCORE-37130
UICustom Dash Template - Time-range changes for shared templateCORE-37163
UIEUM: Wrong message appears when archiving network request snapshotCORE-37169
UISorting by total requests in EUM geo dash doesn't workCORE-37170
UIWrong tab / breakdown in Usage StatsCORE-37237
UIClicking save more than once from the synthetic create measurement page generates dup schedulesCORE-37316
UIDB Monitoring: "Add Collector" links do different thingsCORE-37409
UIInput not sanitized in War Room UICORE-37426
UIEscape report name inputCORE-37428
UISanitize custom dashboard nameCORE-37429
UISanitize application namesCORE-37430
UISanitize tier/node dashboard namesCORE-37433
UISanitize event descriptionCORE-37434
UISanitize server namesCORE-37435
UISanitize series name in custom dashboard widgetCORE-37437
UISanitize custom time range nameCORE-37438
UIUser password sent in plain text on updateCORE-37439
UIDB Monitoring: no switch to say whether a user is entering the SID or the SERVICE_NAMECORE-37615
UIController DB Monitoring UI performance ImprovementCORE-37645
UIXSS check needed on WarRoom and CustomDashboard namesCORE-37667
UIAnalytics: Search input alignment errorCORE-37732
UITransaction Snapshot drilldown to downstream cross app correlated snapshotCORE-37852 Updates

Resolved Issues

Controller-PlatformInconsistent metric reporting after SaaS Controller upgraded to 4.0.1CORE‑39100
Controller-DevOpsCorrupted data in dashboards causes landing page not to loadCORE-39006
Controller-APMController-generated SAML digest does not match IdP-generated digestCORE-38184
Controller-PlatformSaaS Controllers showing "Event storage is full" errorsCORE-35161 Updates

Resolved Issues

Controller‑DevOpsUpgrading the database to 4.0.1 fails in certain casesCORE‑39214

4.0.2  Updates


.NET Agent

  • The .NET Agent updates support for Asynchronous WCF entry points. See WCF Entry Points.
  • The .NET Agent now supports disk space usage metrics: percent free space and megabytes free.


The Controller installer on Windows now checks for the presence of a required Windows hotfix on Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 operating systems, and warns you if it is missing. The hotfix, described in, ensures that the Windows registry modifications made by the installer to extend the default service timeouts work as expected. If your operating system requires the hotfix, you will need to install it before proceeding with the installation.

In certain cases, an existing hotfix installed on the Windows operating system may prevent the installation of the hotfix described in This condition is indicated by the following message when you attempt to install the hotfix: "The update is not applicable to your computer." See the following AppDynamics Community knowledge base article for information on bypassing the requirement check in the installer when safe to do so: 


  • Start up error information for both the Analytics Agent and the Analytics Processor are now written to logs separate from main process logs:  <analytics_agent_home>/startup.log and <analytics_agent_home>/<analytics_service_name>-startup.log
  • Additional sample .job files for Log Analytics: sample-couchdb-log.job, sample-postgres-log.job, sample-redis-log.job, and sample-weblogic-log.job

Node.js Agent

The Node.js Agent supports Node.js version 0.10.36.

Resolved Issues

.NET AgentMIDC data not appearing for AnalyticsCORE‑37155
.NET AgentUnable to instrument Windows services with "." in executable nameCORE-38621
.NET AgentProfiler adding 13-18% overhead to response time with the application is loading and unloading AppDomainsCORE-39113
Agent, AnalyticsAnalytics Dynamic Service appears to be getting passed CurrentExitCalls without an componentID of backendCallID value setCORE-36856
AgentUnconfigured POJO (Spring bean requests) BTs and cannot disable POJO auto discovered BTsCORE-37108
AnalyticsElasticsearch timeout exception for EUM queryCORE-35194
AnalyticscreateAccount API slow when controller has > 300 accountsCORE-38029
AnalyticsBusiness Transactions do not show up if proper order of build and start is not followed.CORE-38341
AnalyticsRedirect stderr and stdout to startup.log in for analytics agent and processorCORE-38486
AnalyticsSeparate the startup log files for each processor component with process nameCORE-38619
AnalyticsAnalytics dynamic service shuts down if analytics agent throws HTTP non 2xx statusCORE-38751
AnalyticsNullPointerException in analytics agent publisher when REST status code is nullCORE-38945
Controller-APMFormat of Groups Assertion in SAML AssertionCORE-29453
Controller-APMController throws error while loading BT dashboard.CORE-36545
Controller-APMCPU information in Rest API is different to that shown in the snapshot summary section for "CPU time" fieldCORE-37682
Controller-APMBypass user checks for Push Notification related callsCORE-38473
Controller-BlitzBlitz Registration is losing state while the Controller is runningCORE-38279
Controller-BlitzRetry policy in blitzStreamClient when http closedException is thrownCORE-38954
Controller-BlitzMake blitz retry parameters dynamically configurableCORE-39066
Controller-DevOpsHealth Rule doesn't seem to update while the condition is no longer violatingCORE-37962
Controller-DevOpsTypo in email alert texts and health rule violation UI pagesCORE-38005
Controller-DevOpsPerformance issue with Health Rule EvaluationCORE-38416
Controller-PlatformController memory leakCORE-33620
Controller-Platform, UILicensing: When account downgrades to LITE account expiry showing up as 12/31/2037CORE-36697
Controller-PlatformSaaS Controller "requestdata_properties" query optimisationCORE-38065
Controller-PlatformUnable to retrieve an archived snapshotCORE-38078
Controller-PlatformDisable CORBA ORB listener by default for enhanced AppDynamics application securityCORE-38128
Controller-PlatformMySQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException in controller logsCORE-38168
Controller-PlatformController JDBC connection leak in ManageCacheServletCORE-38880
DB Agent, UINumeric values are sorted incorrectly in Object Browser and Live ViewCORE-35378
DB AgentExceptions showing up in DB agent log while using object browserCORE-36872
DB AgentNullPointerException can be thrown collecting DB2 statisticsCORE-38295
DB AgentMySQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException while deleting applicationCORE-38326
DB AgentSybase IQ object browser shows error: "RAISERROR executed: No object found for the given description"CORE-38385
DB AgentSQL Server object browser shows error: "object 'sys.trace_xe_action_map' does not exist in database 'master'"CORE-38418
EUMCloudWith load but no JS errors, page dash shows "no data available" for JS errorsCORE-25528
EUMCloud, InstallerFix doc link in EUM Server install finish screenCORE-38779
EUMCloudExclude our own AJAX from getting processedCORE-39257
iOS AgentAgent not allowing to de-allocate objectCORE-38282
iOS AppMobile app crashes trying to view custom dashboardsCORE-38286
iOS AppEvent list network call done in viewWillAppearCORE-39079
NativeAgent, PHP AgentCross app flow backend resolution for PHP and Node.js should be done when reporting BT metricsCORE-38415
PHP AgentOrdering of SOAP header injection breaks communication with backendCORE-38014
NativeAgent, PHP AgentEstimated Response Time sub-cookie in EUM cookie is wrong when snapshot is takenCORE-38414
PHP AgentPHP Agent segfaults when backend limit in agent is exceededCORE-38979
Synthetic AgentSchedulers have XML expansion bugCORE-38215
UI'Specify a Relative Metric Path' option is not shown on second load of dashboard series selectorCORE-33578
UIVersion check called incorrectlyCORE-34695
UIAdd DB in Collector config without filling required fields, error message being displayed at various places on screenCORE-35365
UINavigation behaving randomly when tier/node list is expandedCORE-37165
UIController Audit missing "Report Type" in Scheduled Reports and other glitchesCORE-37255
UIAll apps filter says showing 0 apps but 2 are shownCORE-37410
UIScheduled reports sometimes shows empty listCORE-37782
UIAnalytics Widget Builder shows default legend as 'Slice' whereas it should be field nameCORE-37819
UIBad link in Create Policy UICORE-37869
UISpeed index shows 2858/100CORE-38112
UIAdd icons to columns in EUM UICORE-38117
UIRefresh Network Requests does not always honor "With Load" filterCORE-38362
UIUpdating user activity dash updates and overrides the log analytics dashCORE-38436
UIMobile App Events List not showing for Controllers version 4.0.0 and laterCORE-38923
UITracking calls don't check '' Controller property and cause performance issuesCORE-38932 Updates

Resolved Issues


Controller-DevOpsLogs filling due to a log message logged at warning level for a normal caseCORE-39352
Controller-PlatformCounts in APM, DB Monitoring, and Server Monitoring blank in View License UICORE-39500
EUMCloud4.x adrum.js always running in debug modeCORE-39421
UICreate collector dialog doesn't work if hardware monitoring is LinuxCORE-39619 Updates

Resolved Issues


Analytics, DB AgentService Unavailable 503 error while accessing DB Monitoring information even though the Events Service appears upCORE-39548
Analytics, InstallerInstaller should update the to add shardSizeThreshold property and set it to 90% of heap allocatedCORE-37240 Updates



You can now limit the JavaScript agent to monitoring only a regex-defined list of XHR calls.

Resolved Issues

Controller-PlatformAggregated data points missing for 10-min and 1-hour aggregated dataCORE-38503

4.0.3 Updates



  • This release includes security fixes to the Controller.  

Cross Application Flow

  • Cross application flow across message queues is now supported for the Java Agent and the .Net Agent.

Java Agent

  • For the "CPU Usage %" metric captured on IBM JVMs, the percent value is now a number between the range of 0 and 100, rather than just 0 or 1. Note that this change applies to data reported on IBM JVM versions other than IBM Java 5, which does not support the metric.  

Node.js Agent

  • Installer options proxyUser and proxyPasswordFile have been added for agents that route data to the Controller through an http proxy server that requires credentials.

PHP Agent

  • A special installation option is provided to support long-running PHP applications on Ubuntu and Debian where the Suhosin patch has been applied. See Long-Running CLI Applications with the Suhosin Patch in Special Procedures for PHP CLI.

Database Agent

  • JDBC connection strings are now supported for accessing all database types.
  • Windows authentication is now supported for Hardware Monitoring, only if the Database Agent is running on a Windows machine.
  • The Controller 4.0.3 is not compatible with older versions of the Database agent. You must upgrade the Database Agent to 4.0.3. The easiest way to upgrade the Database Agent is using the download wizard in the Controller UI.


Some custom userdata has been added to the Web Analyze data store.

Mobile EUEM

iOS Appledocs and Android Javadocs updated to include new APIs to customize the HTTP library each uses.

Resolved Issues


.NET Agentdllhost (coordinator) consuming high memoryCORE‑38683
.NET AgentIf there are issues with the Application NLog Configuration, the agent will not report metricsCORE-39091
AD4DBErrors in Live View for PostgreSQL databasesCORE-39125
AgentOracle session grabber throws ClassCastExceptionCORE-38007
AgentFix issue with Resource Pool Limit Reached eventCORE-39274
Agent, Controller-APMUpdating Apache Commons File Upload to version 1.3.1CORE-39464
AgentNull Pointer Error on certain exit pointsCORE-39914
AnalyticsEnhance indexing times when purging dataCORE-38692
AnalyticsSome indexers not acquiring topicsCORE-39090
Android AgentMake bciLogger default visible in gradle pluginCORE-39311
Controller-APM, DB AgentStale backend purge failing with exception from DBServerManagerCORE-39797
Controller-BlitzFix intermittent IOExceptionsCORE-38332
Controller-BlitzLog format does not have date in itCORE-38397
Controller-BlitzBlitz migration process is trying to connect to hbase while doing mysql dumpCORE-39023
Controller-BlitzBlitz Stream client getting swapped often even without a changeCORE-39633
Controller-BlitzFix thread leakage in verification serviceCORE-39649
Controller-DevOps, UIAbsolute canvas custom dashboard reports aren't sized correctlyCORE-39298
Controller-DevOps, UIReports display incorrectly on WindowsCORE-39412
Controller-DevOpsHealth Rules may use metrics that are not cachedCORE-39626
Controller-EUM, EUMCloudUnnecessary InfoPoint Info Logging When NullCORE-39592
Controller-PlatformEAR deployment timeout when upgrading ControllerCORE-38998
Controller-PlatformPotential DB and cache inconsistencies when expiring and adding new license.licCORE-39898
DB AgentProblems with hardware monitoring over WMICORE-38508
DB AgentOlder DB Agents not compatible with new controllersCORE-39283
EUMCloudsetPageName not working for pages with too many AJAX callsCORE-37974
EUMCloudJSON Serialization causing high CPU usageCORE-39180
EUMCloudUse "United States" instead of USA in the sample geo-ip-mappings.xmlCORE-39319
EUMCloudError deserializing collector data in eum-shadow environmentCORE-39391
EUMCloud, UIMobile crash analytics: Impacted Users appears capped at 100CORE-39630
Machine AgentMachine Agent hangs after receiving 503 errors via outbound proxyCORE-28930
PHP AgentVersion 4.0 causes "temporary unavailable" error in WordpressCORE-38594
Synthetic AgentHandle null Long fields in HAR filesCORE-39529
UIRoles changes not being saved when there is a large listCORE-30864
UIStack traces and NPEs while looking at BTs in the metric browserCORE-35360
UIError Loading Snapshots - Application ID: -1 error on ControllerCORE-37134
UITurning on Development Mode on with an incompatible node has wrong information in notification windowCORE-37445
UIUser logged in but UI shows Client.Authentication error msg and is unresponsiveCORE-38440
UIBlank snapshot flow mapsCORE-38697
UI'SQL Executed by' block in Query details section does not display data as expectedCORE-38962
UIUnable to type in the search bar on custom dashboard for BT widgetCORE-39200
UIQuery details of Sybase db displays as "Postgresql" for the x-axis of resource consumptionCORE-39312
UIError retrieving Flow Map Data at Tier levelCORE-39647 Updates

Resolved Issues 

Controller-DevOpsAdd account name to support multi-tenant custom actions for on-premise Controllers neededCORE40207
Controller-EUMLimit browser snapshot list query to EUM ADD TypesCORE-39964
Controller-PlatformBetter handling of "is metric in cache"CORE-40081 Updates

Resolved Issues

Controller-EUMMobile beacons dropped and agent disabled due to app configuration availability issuesCORE-40328 Updates

Resolved Issues

AnalyticsSome fields unnecessarily analyzed, causing excessive heap consumption and GC instability CORE40266
AnalyticsAccount synchronization may fail for a Controller with a large number of accountsCORE-40587
Android AgentAndroid Gradle plugin needs to be updated for the latest
EUMCloudMobile geo data resolves to "Unknown"CORE-40557

4.0.4 Updates



The embedded MySQL database has been updated to version 5.5.42.

Java Agent

You can now configure the agent to prevent it from gathering the values of specified system properties or environment variables from the monitored system. You can use the capability to avoid the possibility of exposing sensitive data, such as application server passwords or account IDs, in the Controller UI.

You configure the property or variable for which to exclude values using the sensitive-data-filters element in the Java Agent configuration file, app-agent-config.xml. Comments in the file provide additional information on how to use this element. 

Node.js Agent

The Node.js Agent supports Node.js versions 0.10.37 and  0.10.38.

Database Agent 

Database Agents running on Windows now fully support Windows Authentication for Collectors monitoring SQL Server databases.

The AppDynamics Controller and Database Agent now support multiple Database Agents reporting to the same Controller.

  • You can run additional backup Database Agents that take over for your primary Database Agents in case the primary ones go offline, ensuring your databases are continually monitored despite agent failure or during planned machine downtime. The additional Database Agents can run on the same machines as the primary Database Agents or different ones.
  • You can have an agent in each distinct network of your environment. Since the agent requires network access to the database, you may need multiple agents to monitor all the databases in your environment.
  • You can have multiple Database Agents running under different user accounts, which is particularly useful if you want to monitor SQL Server via Windows Authentication as various users.

Known Issue

Fixed in 4.0.5 In certain cases, deleting a business application that is an upstream application from another application in the cross application flow map can render the cross app flow map unable to load, with an error message indicating "Error retrieving Flow Map data". (An upstream application in the flow map is an application that invokes the downstream application.) 

 This error can occur when:

  1. The upstream and downstream business applications interact with a message queue component, such as JMS or RabbitMQ.
  2. The Controller and downstream app agent are version 4.0.4 or higher. (The upstream app agent may be earlier than 4.0.4). 

In testing or evaluation environments, it is possible to work around this issue by deleting the downstream application. However, deleting the application removes its historical data, so this workaround in not intended for production environments. After you delete the two business applications, any active applications are registered again and the Cross Application Flow map will be restored (assuming that the cross application flow is still active).

Resolved Issues

.NET Agent.NET agent no longer registers TheadStart as a backendCORE38272
.NET AgentDon't force TLS 1.2


AgentFixed NPE Error on AFastTransactionExitPointInterceptorCORE‑39479
AgentFixed issue where controller-info.xml in the agent root directory may be overridden by blank values in controller-info.xml of the versioned directoryCORE-39534
AgentThe agent stops reporting data with many connection resets in log due to Apache's HTTP client socket timeout issue CORE-40943
AnalyticsAnalytics agent monitor's shutdown should not shutdown machine agent JVMCORE-38767
AnalyticsAnalytics agent monitor should save log files to correct directory (monitors/analytics-agent/logs)CORE-39315
AnalyticsAnalytics processor fails startup if parent folder name contains blanksCORE-40000
AnalyticsElasticSearch is returning a 500 response status code for permanent failuresCORE-40706
AnalyticsMergedMappingException occurring on dynamic fieldsCORE-40820
AnalyticsLog and BT mappings should have dynamic templates for all typesCORE-40822
Android Agent, iOS AgentFixed sensitivity of EUM header fieldsCORE-39486
Controller-APMEnhanced Business Flow to correlate across applications when there are queues between the applicationsCORE-39088
Controller-APMFixed NullPointerExceptions on custom dashboardCORE-39714
Controller-APMFixed issue where controller sending account profile to agent multiple timesCORE-40270
Controller-DevOpsFixed NullPointerException while invoking Remediation scriptCORE-39565
Controller-DevOpsFixed Missing affected tiers when we import JMX object health ruleCORE-40058
Controller-DevOpsModified default for batchActionsPerMinute to true for new policiesCORE-40253
Controller-DevOpsFixed issue where extremely large memory allocations seen on certain AppDynamics SaaS ControllersCORE-40397
Controller-EUMFixed issue where Server Time not matching up to BT Time intermittentlyCORE-39813
Controller-PlatformFix misaligned "mod metricId" boundaries during metricdata_min data uploadCORE-40055
Controller-PlatformFixed issue where Metrics are dropped intermittentlyCORE-40853
DB AgentFixed exception when collecting hardware metrics from Windows 2003CORE-37799
DB Agent, UIFixed incorrect average number of active connectionsCORE-40006
DB Agent, UIFixed inconsistency in Session IDs in Live View with IDs in Sessions viewCORE-40069
EUMCloudSynth doesn't treat 400 response as a client errorCORE-39465
EUMCloudHigh DOM Building Times Breaks Snapshot Rendering And EURTCORE-39650
InstallerExtended default Controller Keystore validity expirationCORE-39386
InstallerFixed installer to retain the values for accountName and accessKey properties after upgradeCORE-40164
iOS AgentSome iOS agent headers missing from AppledocsCORE-40114
iOS AgentADEumInstrumation endCall: incorrectly throws NSException when passed nil valueCORE-40717
iOS AppFixed SAML account logout issue when opening push notificationCORE-39146
PHP AgentFixed Segfault that takes apache offline when system is out of disk spaceCORE-37895
PHP AgentFixed correlation from SOAP calls to Java and .NET when using custom transportCORE-38940
PHP AgentFixed Segfault with expression engineCORE-40359
UIUnique Crashes list in Crash dashboard has redundant mobile application name (column)CORE-38913
UIImprove auth for getEventsForSharedDashboardCORE-39884
UIObject browser grid filtering doesn't work if column has number valuesCORE-40019
UIAlert and Respond and Getting Started Wizard "leaves" DBMonitoringCORE-40048
UIIn Node Dashboard, IP addresses are cut off when there are manyCORE-40121
UIIn Admin UI, an Account expiry of "never" shows as 2037 in calendar fieldCORE-40134
UIHide Symbolicated or deobfuscated Columns by OS SectionCORE-40218
UI"Unresponse" script error on BT dashboard tree viewCORE-40251
UICannot drill down in Snapshot Flow Map when multiple call graphs on one tierCORE-40407 Updates

Resolved Issues

DB AgentRequests to Object Browser Live View fail intermittently with multiple database agentsCORE42287
Controller-BlitzMissing data points in application dashboard and inaccurate calls/minute for last 15-minute time rangeCORE-41137
UINotification Center polling time range incorrectCORE-41080 Updates

Resolved Issues

Controller-APMSQLGrammarException when AppAgentOperation has no NVPs


Controller-PlatformEUM Event data fails to load in the UI with a specific time range or a range 3 days or longer selectedCORE-42640
Controller-PlatformFiltering EUM snapshots by more than one network request or page name errors outCORE-42393
DB Agent

Requests to Object Browser, Live View fail intermittently with multiple database agents

CORE-42287 Updates


You can now configure the Standalone Machine Agent to report free memory in a more useful way—free if the memory is in an I/O buffer or cache but can be made available to new processes (as opposed to free if the memory is not used by any process and isn't in an I/O buffer or cache).

To report the memory as free if the memory is in an I/O buffer or cache but can be made available to new processes, in <machine_agent_home>/monitors/HardwareMonitor/, set REPORT_MEMORY_FREE_AS_MEMORY_AVAILABLE to 1 and restart the agent. By default, REPORT_MEMORY_FREE_AS_MEMORY_AVAILABLE is set to 0 and the agent reports memory as free if the memory is not used by any process and isn't in an I/O buffer or cache. Customers using the newer SIGAR metric reporting will be unaffected. See Configure Free Memory Reporting

Resolves Issues


Machine Agent

Higher value reported for Memory stats after machine agent upgrade on same physical machineCORE-47944


Machine AgentFix to gather current CPU usage instead of average since rebootSIM-1031

4.0.5 Updates


.NET Agent

Java Agent

Release 4.0.4 introduced the ability to prevent the Java agent from gathering values from system properties or environment variables that you configure. In this release, the feature is enhanced as follows:

  • Default filters have been added for properties named password and key
  • Filtering is now performed in a case-insensitive manner.
  • In addition to excluding the information from the UI, the agent now ensures that the information is obscured in logs as well (for example "-Dmy.user.password=*****"). 

Resolved Issues

.NET AgentCPU overhead caused by POCO split rulesCORE42050
.NET AgentNot detecting System.Data.Common.DbCommand: System.Data.IDBCommand.ExecuteReaderCORE-42207
.NET AgentFormatExceptions triggered by POJOTransactionIdentifier.getNameForMatchingPayload()CORE-42216
AgentController SSL property in controller-info.xml not being read when using system propertiesCORE-39601
AgentPostgres session grabber getting class cast exceptionsCORE-41666
Android AgentAndroid agent doesn't support builds from JRE beyond 1.7CORE-40897
Controller-APMService pools bouncing up and down for certain SaaS ControllersCORE-33687
Controller-APMBT registration code executing repeated BT count checks for overflowCORE-39709
Controller-APMBackend purger does not purge old backendsCORE-40238
Controller-DevOpsActionSupressions API not working as expected with Node Names as inputCORE-41491
Controller-EUMExcessive time skew error logs for on-premise EUMCORE-39846
Controller-EUMEUM does not recover after extended controller unavailabilityCORE-40896
Controller-PlatformUnable to pull EUM-Event table based data from 3 Day/Longer or specific time rangesCORE-36409
Controller-PlatformEvent Subsystem Performance IssuesCORE-39603
DB AgentMySQL values not replaced by ? in execution plansCORE-40978
DB AgentThe agent list in the collector configuration dialog can show duplicate entriesCORE-41256
EUMCloudSlow EU traffic to US-WestCORE-39473
EUMCloudiOS crash analytics reports crashes in "__kill"CORE-39719
EUMCloudSome beta accounts gets scheduling disabled on schema upgradesCORE-41401
EUMCloudMobile Crashreport Analyze page should display error msg in exceptional casesCORE-41723
EUMCloudAll accounts are created at schema version 2; some fields overwritten on next schema upgradeCORE-42382
InstallerTroubleshooting information needed when Windows controller installation blocked for hotfix 2549760CORE-40224
JSAgentEUM Message: Uncaught TypeError: Object #<Event> has no method \'substr\'CORE-42014
Node.js AgentExit calls not reported when HTTP response returned after transaction completedCORE-39934
PHP AgentUnable to correlate with Zend/DrupalCORE-42424
UIEdit permissions applicable when even VIEW permission is not set to be inherited for the ROLECORE-35236
Controller-DevOps, UILinks for Service Endpoints in Health Rules Not Working / Null ValuesCORE-39627
Controller-DevOps, UIReports do not render if it takes too long to loadCORE-40994
Controller-APM, UIIn cross app correlation, if the upstream application is deleted, the account level flow-map fails to renderCORE-41232
UIEUM UI shows limit hit but total does not reflect thatCORE-41339
EUMCloud, UIUnresponsive Script on Pages & AJAX Requests screenCORE-42614
UIAll results for aggregations and hits for Elastic search queries required in DB MonitoringCORE-42624 Updates

Resolved Issues

ComponentSummary Key 
Agent4.0.5 Java Agent may cause a java.lang.Verify Exception at runtimeCORE-44013

4.0.6 Updates


Java Agent

Resolved Issues


.NET AgentReading certain HttpRequest fields creates application-incompatible streamCORE34086
.NET AgentDB Exit calls not showing up in snapshotsCORE-39301
.NET AgentNode property enable-soap-header-correlation does not work for .NetCORE-39567
AgentBT Metrics reported as UNCHANGED after Controller upgradeCORE-38563
AgentHigh heap usage with Akka instrumentationCORE-39853
AgentAgent fails to start if debug-interceptors property value is incorrectCORE-42609
AgentBCT logs fail to rollCORE-43344
AgentSpring WS client causes a parsing exception causing no BT to be discoveredCORE-43818
AnalyticsNumberFormatException in analytics agentCORE-41760
Controller-DevOpsAffected entity name passed as NULL for policy violation to custom actions for affected entity type BACKENDCORE-43431
DB AgentDB Monitoring interactive screens sometimes show no dataCORE-35404
DB AgentDB agent shows "Orchestration is disabled" exceptionCORE-39919
DB AgentDB Monitoring interactive screens show error for SQL ServerCORE-40786
DB AgentError collecting hardware metrics for WindowsCORE-42246
DB AgentImprove responsiveness of Object BrowserCORE-42927
DB AgentDB Monitoring "top" lists showing no dataCORE-43157
DB AgentObject Browser times out before data could be fetched from the monitored databaseCORE-43290
InstallerException while upgrading EUMCORE-41910
InstallerCrashed MyISAM tables blocking database upgradeCORE-42717
JSAgentEUM: pageT: The object is null or not definedCORE-42011
UIHardware utilization reports are same for different datesCORE-42405
UINetApp shows up in the list of supported OSs for hardware monitoringCORE-43164
UI"View Snapshots" button in crash group dashboard only works the first timeCORE-43897 Updates

Resolved Issues

AnalyticsLog searches time outCORE-43587
.NET AgentCoordinator shuts down frequentlyCORE-38441

4.0.7 Updates



  • This release includes security fixes to the Controller.  

Java Agent

.NET Agent

PHP Agent

  • The PHP Agent supports PHP 5.6.
  • The PHP Agent issues a lot fewer notices and warnings. Most of these types of messages are now written to the agent log.

Database Agent

  • The Database Agent supports PostgreSQL via Amazon RDS.

Resolved Issues

.NET AgentCoordinator crashing due to NullReferenceException in IIS process monitoringCORE‑40523
.NET AgentIn some scenarios, instrumentation might not completeCORE-43715
.NET AgentIn rare cases Coordinator crashing due to NullReferenceException in IIS process monitoringCORE-44351
.NET AgentMultiple HTTP data collectors overwrite each others configurationCORE-44519
.NET AgentAzure Web Role stuck in Busy when deployingCORE-44853
AgentNPE in InterceptorClassRegistry.getClass() method, class name is nullCORE-43851
AgentPossible Exception when enabling SQL CorrelationCORE-44397
AgentAgent might generate illegal metrics from In-Process CorrelationCORE-45254
Analyticsapi-store mode should use ZK leader election not fixed leader electionCORE-44946
Controller-APMHardened communications channel between controller and agentCORE-45303
Controller-DevOpsMetric scope not being considered in evaluating Health Rules with custom mathematical expressionsCORE-42536
Controller-EUM, Controller-PlatformMissing Browser Snapshot PropertiesCORE-41076
Controller-PlatformContinuous updates to license properties on some SaaS ControllersCORE-43649
Controller-Platform, InstallerRemediate potential insecure credentialCORE-45682
Controller-PlatformqueryMetadata controller REST API endpoint returns data regardless of RBAC and multitenancyCORE-45927
Controller-PlatformFix controller/private/* REST API permissionsCORE-45943
DB AgentDatabase collector configuration does not persist the useCertificate propertyCORE-41046
DB AgentPostgreSQL Support for Amazon RDSCORE-43594
DB AgentObject browser operations occasionally result in a timeout errorCORE-44585
DB AgentDatabase collector details can be seen by DBmon adminCORE-45222
EUMCloudImproved Crash processing latencyCORE-40632
EUMCloud, UIEUM: 500 Internal Server Error /restui/browserSnapshotDetails/getSnapshotCORE-44406
EUMCloudTotal unique crash count on mobile crash dashboard should not be capped at 100CORE-44410
EUMCloudCrash group naming algorithm considers non-application code, but grouping algorithm does notCORE-44412
EUMCloudCrash group naming algorithm relies on bogus Android line number informationCORE-44429
EUMCloudSome stack frames from ProGuarded applications aren't being deobfuscatedCORE-44433
EUMCloudDownload Servlet code 450: NO_DATA is creating false alarmsCORE-44917
Controller-EUM, EUMCloudUnable to pull EUM pages & AJAX requests (503 HTTP Response)CORE-45323
EUMCloudPage names always have anchor segments when using version 4.0.4 – 4.0.6 controllersCORE-45741
EUMCloudCustom MNR names include two segments of the anchorCORE-46211
iOS AgentiOS agent's startTimerWithName: API docs disagree with implementationCORE-44185
Machine AgentMemory used % metric value reported on Solaris 11/10 machine agent should be accurateCORE-37748
Machine AgentMachine agent issues many exception messages in DEBUG modeCORE-40035
Machine AgentPort Machine Agent Scripts to 4.0.7CORE-44211
PHP AgentRemove zend_error from APIstartTransaction when agent is not initializedCORE-42120
Synthetic AgentSchedules are tied to a specific cloud providerCORE-43175

4.0.8 Updates



  • The Controller now enforces a backend registration limit for each type of backend per application. The limit is 1000 by default. It's configurable through the backend.registration.limit property. When the limit is reached, the Controller classifies additional backends that agents attempt to register as "All Other Traffic" backend. Previously, backend registration limits were applied only by agents; the Controller did not enforce limits.

Java Agent

Resolved Issues

.NET AgentAgent Coordinator shutting down frequentlyCORE‑38441
.NET AgentMultiple instances of a standalone application registers using the same node nameCORE-46046
.NET AgentHttpContextCurrentThreadInsrumentor causing login failed errorsCORE-46612
AgentNPE on EJB Client side from exit.jboss.Remoting3 interceptorCORE-46062
AgentOOM due to too many stack trace lines in LightWeightThrowableCORE-46106
Agent-EUMEUM getting Error: Can't execute code from a freed scriptCORE-46877
Controller-DevOpsHealth Rule violation description without violation details in eventCORE-45426
DB AgentCannot retrieve DB2 Database version informationCORE-46051
DB AgentSQL Server: Databases that exist in a different instance show up in "active in databases" for a queryCORE-46286
UIAllow base pages, iframes, AJAX and virtual pages to be named without page and/or anchor segmentsCORE-45668 Updates

Resolved Issues

Controller-PlatformCache for tracking zero-filled metrics cache does not expire metricsCORE-44567 Updates

This release addresses a security vulnerability in a third-party component used in the Controller.  The vulnerability could allow remote attackers to obtain sensitive information via vectors that are associated with a request, and related to injected tags and external entity references in XML documents. For more information, see AppDynamics Security Alert - 49474 Updates

This release addresses a security vulnerability in the Machine Agent. AppDynamics recommends that you upgrade deployed Machine Agents as soon as possible.  

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