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The following notes describe 4.5.x updates to the AppDynamics on-premises platform, including the Controller, Events Service, and EUM Server components.

If an artifact has been updated, the version number of the updated artifact and its availability date are listed below. The version number corresponds to that shown on the download portal (http://download.appdynamics.com).

The most recent releases appear at the top of the page.

4.5.13 Updates

Version 4.5.13 – August 23, 2019

Synthetic Server


The AppDynamics Platform now supports Synthetic Hosted Agents with the Synthetic Server for dispatching synthetic jobs, collecting the measurement results, and reporting those results to the EUM Server. To deploy the Synthetic Hosted Agents and Server, you need to deploy the EUM Server. See Synthetic Server Deployment for more information.

4.5.12 Updates

Version - July 31, 2019

  • Synthetic Server
    The AppDynamics Platform now supports Synthetic Hosted Agents with the Synthetic Server for dispatching synthetic jobs, collecting the measurement results, and reporting those results to the EUM Server. To deploy the Synthetic Hosted Agents and Server, you need to deploy the EUM Server. See Synthetic Server Deployment for more information.
  • Custom Permission to Cross-Launch a Connection in Cisco APIC Controller
    As an AppDynamics administrator, you can now customise the permissions for various roles to include permission to cross-launch a connection issue in Cisco APIC controller. See Set Custom Permission to Cross-Launch Cisco APIC controller for more information.

4.5.11 Updates 

Version - July 08, 2019

Enterprise Console

  • When upgrading the Controller on AWS, you no longer have to specify the domain name of the Aurora database when running the job discover_upgrade or upgrade. The job will use the domain host to the Aurora Database specified in domain.xml.

  • To prevent failed Controller upgrades because of customized keystore passwords for the reporting-instance artifact used by the Reporting Service, the Enterprise Console no longer allows you to change the password for the reporting-service.pfx file. 
Known Issue

The upgrade to Controller 4.5.11 will fail if the MySQL root user password for your Controller contains either a single quote ('), a double-quote ("), or the "@" symbol. If the MySQL root user password contains one of these special characters, you can upgrade the Controller to 4.5.11 by first resetting the root user password and then upgrading.

Resolved Issues
PLATCPS-10919The JAR file 'mysql-timezone-util.jar' throws the error "Cannot determine system time zone." when calling systemTimezone.getId()
ECONSOLE-4183Upgrade the Enterprise Console's and Controller's MySQL version to include the latest security updates
ECONSOLE-4409EC upgrade fails with long SSH command
ECONSOLE-4523Controller upgrade fails when the "$" character is used in the db "root" and Controller password
ECONSOLE-4560Enterprise Console expects the AWS instance type r4.4xlarge for medium-profile Controllers using the Aurora DB
ECONSOLE-4345Upgrade fails with no error message when resuming from checkpoint
ECONSOLE-4431Ensure the MySQL SSL key file has the appropriate permissions and ownership
ECONSOLE-4475Update the platform bundled JRE to the latest 1.8.x release to resolve performance problems
ECONSOLE-4550If domain.xml is large, upgrading a remote controller will fail
ECONSOLE-4632Using the Enterprise Console to upgrade the Controller from 4.4. to 4.5 results in several changes to domain.xml
ECONSOLE-4677Case-sensitivity naming of “primary” and “secondary” in high availability (HA) deployments causes a NullPoint exception when Enterprise Console executes a job

Version - July 08, 2019

EUM Server

BRUM-4126Improve EUM processor log
MRUM-4532Setting the EUM Server property 'lifespanInDays' Does Not Purge Mobile Crashes

4.5.11 (Synthetic Server) Updates

Version  – June 19, 2019

  • Firefox was upgraded from version 61 to version 66.
  • You can now install the Synthetic Private Agent in any directory.
  • ChromeDriver was upgraded from version 2.35 to version 2.37.

4.5.10 Updates 

Version - June 21, 2019

EUM Server

Resolved Issues


EUM Server failing with Data too long for column 'symbol_name'

4.5.9 Updates

April 22, 2019


Resolved Issues

"Array Index Out of Bounds" exception occurs, although installation succeeds, when installing the 4.5 Enterprise Console from a terminal and using the "$" character in the password


Controller with AuroraDB always shows Critical Unhealthy


Enterprise Console UI artifacts are not versioned, which causes UI problems across Enterprise Console upgrades


CLI - Phased upgrade - Enterprise Console breaks replication if the upgrade job is terminated


Upgrade primary job fails at "Create glassfish password file" stage


Add secondary controller (also finalize replication) fails when files vanish

Events Service

Resolved Issues
ANALYTICS-10647Unable to persist segment number for Custom Service Endpoint with payload splitting

4.5.8 Updates

Version 4.5.8 – March 28, 2019


Resolved Issues
ECONSOLE-4218Enterprise Console fails to check for ncurses/libncurses as an installation or upgrade prerequisite
ECONSOLE-4222Enterprise Console upgrade from 4.4.3 to fails on Windows 2012 R2 VMWare machine
PLATCPS-7736API client is not returning application names with the Administrator role

4.5.7 Updates

Version – February 25, 2019


Resolved Issues
PLATCPS-5172NullPointException thown while loading admin.jsp > Account Settings > By Account page
PLATCPS-8848Nullpointer from snapshot when embedded flag is set to false
PLATCPS-9723LDAP sync fails with error

Enterprise Console

Resolved Issues
ECONSOLE-3318"Upgrade" and "Discover and Upgrade" tasks need to check for required service states and provide clear user feedback before attempting an upgrade
ECONSOLE-4033Controller AuroraDB install system check issue
ECONSOLE-4305Incorrect Controller DB user password validation error message

4.5.6 Updates

Version – February 11, 2019


Resolved Issues
METADATA-5548Fix class cast exception and break the migration servlet issues
PLATCPS-8508Incorrect license exception message: Not licensed for account
PLATCPS-8848Nullpointer from a snapshot when the embedded flag is set to false

EUM Server

Resolved Issues
MRUM-4287On-prem provisioner should be able to update license key

Enterprise Console

  • The new phased upgrade feature allows you to retain the HA roles of the Controllers, so that the primary and secondary roles do not switch after an upgrade. After first upgrading the primary, you can verify the upgrade before proceeding with the secondary upgrade. This allows you to quickly restore the older deployment version and service from the preserved secondary in the case of any issues. See Upgrade an HA Pair for more information.
Resolved Issues
ECONSOLE-3327Enterprise Console at times fails to configure complex/extra-large Controllers
ECONSOLE-3362Enterprise Console CLI performance profile upgrade dropped -javaagent from domain.xml
ECONSOLE-3526Supportability - Need to print a relevant error message when Aurora DB host is not reachable
ECONSOLE-3597Add Hosts should not overwrite remote platform JRE
ECONSOLE-3803Controller upgrade fails with customized keystore passwords
ECONSOLE-3804Controller upgrade fails with customized reporting service keystore password
ECONSOLE-3993Enterprise Console Events Service master count is incorrect
ECONSOLE-4005Upgrading an HA pair fails with an incorrect error message when MySQL Controller user password is incorrect
ECONSOLE-4006Free RAM checks fail on Windows

4.5.5 Updates

Version – December 21, 2018

Resolved Issues
ECONSOLE-3488Unix socket conflict for Controller when there is a stale /tmp/mysql.sock owned by non-appd user
ECONSOLE-3825Capture correct error message when the Enterprise Console does not find an alias in the keystore
METADATA-5306ADDMetricHierarchyBuilder::getADDForMetricNode needs to be optimized
PLATCPS-7723Database health rules not evaluating with an external user who has roles Account Owner(default) and Administrator (default)
PLATCPS-8652Optimize the canViewUser call

4.5.4 Updates

Version – November 19, 2018



Your Controller MySQL 5.7 will be upgraded to the latest minor version to avoid MySQL DoS Vulnerability CVEs. If you are on MySQL 5.5, it is recommended that you upgrade to version 5.7.

Resolved Issues
DBMON-4221(4.5.4) Broken compatibility between DB Agent pre-4.3.4 and the Controller post-4.5.2
BRUM-4329Upgrade the MySQL database for the on-prem EUM Server to fix security vulnerability
MQS-348When checking data points limits for a request, rollupDataPoints weren't taking into account
MQS-331Flow Map error caused by a null point exception
PLATCPS-7216LicenseEnforcerResourceImpl.leaseInternal() returns exception message for RuntimeException
PLATCPS-7805Error generating Signed SAML requests

Enterprise Console 

  • You can configure the SSL protocol channel. To do so, select "Enable mixed SSL channel" on Enterprise Console Appserver Configurations UI. See Configure SSL Termination at the Reverse Proxy for more information.
  • After a fresh installation or upgrade, the DB Controller password is now hidden in domain.xml as an alias.
Known Issues
  • For Enterprise Console version 4.5.3, you are not able to update the Controller user DB password for HA pairs using either the UI or CLI. The job will fail while updating the alias in Glassfish for the secondary Controller.
  • You may run into UI issues, such as unavailable components after you upgrade the Enterprise Console due to the browser caching older UI assets. This is due to unversioned Enterprise Console UI artifacts and their JavaScript files. To workaround this issue:
    1. Delete the following browser data:
      • Cached images and files
      • Hosted app data
    2. Install the Enterprise Console 4.4.3.x.
    3. Add a Controller host.
    4. Install the Controller.
    5. Remove the Controller.
    6. Upgrade Enterprise Console to the latest 4.5.x version.
    7. Attempt to install the Controller.
      The Controller installation dialog will only contain Cancel and Submit buttons.
    8. Delete the following browser data:
      • Cached images and files
      • Hosted app data
    9. Attempt again to install the Controller.
      The Controller installation dialog will contain all of the expected fields, drop-down menus, and buttons.

Version – 11/2/2018

On-Premises Synthetic Server

The on-premises AppDynamics Platform now offers the on-premises Synthetic Server for dispatching synthetic jobs, collecting the measurement results, and reporting those results to the EUM Server. To deploy the on-premises Synthetic Server, you need to deploy the on-premises EUM Server and install the Synthetic Private Agent Deployment. See Synthetic Server Deployment for more information.

4.5.2 Updates

Version – October 15, 2018


Resolved Issues
APMPLAT-8883Not able to create applications and register new nodes after upgrade to 4.5.1 at On-Premise Controller
METADATA‑4921RBAC not working on Upgrade 4.2 to 4.5

Enterprise Console

Resolved Issues
ECONSOLE‑3195Adding modifying listeners with SSL parameters fails
ECONSOLE-3215Customizations in services-config.xml are not retained after upgrade
ECONSOLE-3325Modifying Controller app server config with services stopped launches the app server, but not the database
ECONSOLE-3419Enterprise Console is not in sync with Controller HA states
ECONSOLE-3467Enterprise Console UI does not show replication status when both controllers are active/primary
ECONSOLE-3475Final replication stops mysql on primary before it checks if all files to be replicated are owned by AppDynamics user
ECONSOLE-3516Installing Enterprise Console fails when HTTPS is enable on CentOS 6.7
ECONSOLE-3520Events Service installation dialog does not pre-populate port or path fields
ECONSOLE-3554"mysql_upgrade" job does not check for the presence of libnuma before running
ECONSOLE-3578Enterprise Console upgrade discards db/.rootpw.obf
ECONSOLE-3581Enterprise Console corrupts MySQL during upgrade if mysql.user has single user user='root' row
ECONSOLE-3624Enterprise Console HA manual failover does not wait for MySQL replication logs to be applied on secondary
ECONSOLE-3644Enterprise Console key sync job does not run post Events Service discovery
ECONSOLE-3660Stopping and Starting an HA Controller creates passive running Appserver
ECONSOLE-3664Fix for NUMA configurations issues with the Enterprise Console
ECONSOLE-3698Enterprise Console is unable to query the state of the process running state when symlinks are created

Version – October 15, 2018

EUM Server

Resolved Issues
MRUM-3514Error updating crash group name because the name is too long for an SQL column

4.5.1 Updates

Version – September 5, 2018 

Enterprise Console / Events Service

  • When using the Enterprise Console to install the Events Service on a Windows host, you can specify an Events Service directory path that includes use either forward slashes (/) or backslashes (\). You can also choose to not specify a path.
  • The controller.sh start-events-service and stop-events-service commands are no longer valid. You must use the Enterprise Console commands platform-admin.sh start-events-service and stop-events-service instead.
Known Issues
  • Upgrading the Controller may fail when using customized keystore and truststore passwords. Customized passwords and CA-signed certificates are not retained after a failed upgrade.


Resolved Issues
METADATA‑4194User with Configure Transaction Detection permission is unable to update or delete a Scope
METADATA-4666Slow permission check when filtering dashboards when calls initiated from DashboardManagerBean.getAllDashboardSummaries
METADATA-4808Controller upgrade failure due to lack of permission to execute create_default_roles
METADATA-4907Unable to create API Client due to failed permission check on create of Entity
METRICSVC‑2045Modify baseline calculation based on passed timezone instead of UTC
PLATCPS-5766SAML requests are getting encoded

Enterprise Console

Resolved Issues
ECONSOLE‑1993Discover/upgrade fails when http port (8090) is disabled on Controller
ECONSOLE-3073Events Service install fails with exit code 127 through Enterprise Console
ECONSOLE-3097Enterprise Console takes longer than HA Auto Failover Interval to trigger a failover
ECONSOLE-3140HA failure job keeps triggering after upgrading the Enterprise Console from 4.4.x to 4.4.3 HF build
ECONSOLE-3196Enterprise Console UI fails - Retry button for Job or Discover Controller screen is inoperable
ECONSOLE-3205'platform-admin.sh update-certificate -h' help output fails to define acceptable input file formats
ECONSOLE-3213Enterprise Console Events Service Installer doesn't respect windows directory structure (backslashes)
ECONSOLE-3220Secondary MySQL does not start due to space ID collisions
ECONSOLE-3265Enterprise Console upgrade from 4.4.2 to 4.4.3 for Windows Controller failed
ECONSOLE-3270Enterprise Console is unable to remove stanzas from a domain network listener configuration
ECONSOLE-3274Controller stop operation fails when service is in STOP_PENDING
ECONSOLE-3279Enterprise Console should validate all Controller passwords before upgrading
ECONSOLE-3313controller.sh does not work with long Controller home path prefixes
ECONSOLE-3326Enterprise Console upgrade fails when correct passwords are provided on the second time
ECONSOLE-3357bin/controller.sh stop-events-service does not work
ECONSOLE-3372Add secondary fails when primary Controller was previously part of an HA pair
ECONSOLE-3465Fix to prevent HA pair upgrade if both Controllers are in a primary state prior to the upgrade
ECONSOLE-3470Incremental replicate susceptible to space ID collisions when running on older Linuxes
ECONSOLE-3473Controller Upgrade from 4.4.3 to 4.5.1 fails for new versions of Ubuntu due to undocumented dependency on tzdata package
ECONSOLE-3350Adding a secondary Controller fails if the external URL is the same as the Controller URL
ECONSOLE-3508Controller upgrade to 4.5 requires massive amounts of free disk

4.5.0 Updates

July 11, 2018


Controller / Events Service
  • The JRE of the Controller and Events Service has been upgraded to version 8u162.
Enterprise Console
  • There is support for major-version upgrades for the Enterprise Console application. This means you can install, upgrade, and manage multiple versions of Controllers and Event Services.
    You can choose which version you would like to install/upgrade the Controller/Events Service to as long as the Enterprise Console is aware of that version. This means that you can upgrade the components to any intermediate version or to the latest version as long as the Enterprise Console installer has been run for those versions.

  • Starting in 4.5, during a Controller discover and upgrade scenario, the Enterprise Console expects a .passwordfile to be present in the Controller home directory. The Enterprise Console reads this password and validates it against the Controller. Once the upgrade is complete, the Enterprise Console removes the file, and stores the password in its encrypted database.
    Note: If you change the Glassfish Admin Password manually, you also need to update it in the Enterprise Console Controller Settings.

  • The Enterprise Console installer now uses version 6 of i4j. This resolves issues with warnings seen when installing in console mode.

  • When adding the Enterprise Console host machine, you should stop using the alias, 'platformadmin', and instead start using the following:

    • On the CLI, you should use 'localhost', the loopback address '', or the machine's actual hostname.
    • From the UI, you should use the Add Enterprise Console Host button, which will automatically populate the text field with the hostname of the Enterprise Console machine.
  • You can edit credentials from Custom Installation.
  • You can manage your Controller SSL certificate on the Enterprise Console UI under Configurations.
  • The Enterprise Console CLI commands now consistently use hyphens (-) instead of underscores (_). For example, the job discover_upgrade is now discover-upgrade.
  • The Enterprise Console supports up to 20 platforms at a time by default.

Upgrade Notes

Ubuntu version 16 and higher requires the tzdata package in order to install the 4.5 Enterprise Console and Controller.

The tzdata package is also required by the MySQL connector.

Resolved Issues

ECONSOLE-1529Windows Controller installation fails when special characters are used in the Controller admin password
ECONSOLE-1923Enterprise Console UI does not show where to upgrade an existing Controller
ECONSOLE-1924Enterprise Console upgrade procedure shows Install instead of Upgrade at the bottom
ECONSOLE-1951Service name is not displayed in the error message when the Windows service registration fails
ECONSOLE-1978Enterprise Console startup script should unset CDPATH
ECONSOLE-1992Enterprise Console does not back up configuration files when any configuration is updated
ECONSOLE-2068Internal app agent does not report to internal monitoring Controller automatically after Controller installation on Windows
ECONSOLE-2087Enterprise Console should check available disk space before taking controller backup
ECONSOLE-2563Verify SSH connection fails due to incorrect SSH setup
ECONSOLE-2608Upgrading MySQL task does not update the database version correctly if the job fails halfway
ECONSOLE-2656Enterprise Console fails on SuSE

Enable edit of platform path within Enterprise Console UI

ECONSOLE-2712orcha-modules.log contains no dates
ECONSOLE-2796Misleading Enterprise Console error message in platform-admin-server.log - attempted to reach unknown host
ECONSOLE‑2806db/lib backup does not cope well with Linux symbolic links
ECONSOLE-2851Add current Linux effective user name to rsync/ssh UI error messages
ECONSOLE-2936Intermittent HA primary Glassfish availability leads to two active controllers running
ECONSOLE-2938Glassfish server.log file size reduced by 60%
ECONSOLE-3220Secondary MySQL does not start due to space ID collisions
ECONSOLE-3238Failover Job does not trigger

Controller stop operation fails when service is in STOP_PENDING

METADATA-1843User login exception when using old password format
METADATA-2198Description of audit.log.file.size property in admin.jsp does not mention units
METADATA‑3606Controller startup failure due to login audit failure in 4.4.1
METADATA-4242Upgrade fails if dropping mds database fails in execute setup.xml ant tasks

Known Issues

Controller audit reports do not work immediately after upgrading the controller to 4.5. Audit table migration messages are logged in the server.log file when audit reports are run before completing the audit database table migration process. Try running the audit reports again at least an hour after the upgrade.