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When artifacts are updated, they are listed with their new version numbers in the tables below. Version numbers are also shown on the download portal (http://download.appdynamics.com).

You can sort the table of resolved issues by key, version, and product, or use the search field to find resolved issues. The most recent releases appear at the top of the page.

October 2019

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BRUM-5485JS Agent sends DPT value as negative to EUM cloud.4.5.15Browser RUM - JavaScript Agent
DOTNET-540Include host and app pool name in events reported for uninstrumented processes.4.5.15.NET Agent
DOTNET-3991Passwords are not removed from the database connection string if the string includes a white space.4.5.15.NET Agent
DOTNET-4044The .NET Agent for Linux versions 4.5.13 and 4.5.14 process crashes when APPDYNAMICS_PREVIEW_FEATURE_ENABLED is set to true and application monitoring preview features such as custom business transactions or backend naming are implemented.4.5.15.NET Agent
DOTNET-4066A null reference exception occurs with .NET Agent versions 4.5.13 and 4.5.14 where instrumentation of the agent incorporates setting full-no-dependency to false.4.5.15.NET Agent
JAVA-5259Custom service endpoint placed on Spring Integration PollingConsumer.handleMessage method generates NullPointerException4.5.15 Java Agent
JAVA-6314Agent reports exceptions configured to be ignored when the exception is nested and the exception message match condition is set to “Is Not Empty”4.5.15 Java Agent
JAVA-6166Reflection exception in Spring Integration with Kafka4.5.15 Java Agent
JAVA-5972Agent logs NullPointer Exceptions inside WebLogic RMI Exit Calls made outside of BT context4.5.15 Java Agent
JAVA-6321REST log does not print all the registered metric names4.5.15 Java Agent


September 2019

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ALERT-3730Details of database health rule violation ‘closed’ or ‘canceled are not displayed in the Evaluation Events tab; action results are missing too4.5.14Controller
ALERT-3769Discrepancy in Baseline shown in HR Violation event and Metric Browser4.5.14Controller
ANALYTICS-11733ADQL search box unresponsive when the number of event fields is high4.5.14Analytics - Controller
ANALYTICS-10664Analytics Agents fails to connect with the Events Service due to Timeout error4.5.12Analytics Agent
APMPLAT-7441Incorrect node name appearing in the flow map4.5.14Controller
APMPLAT-12290Duplicate Transaction Detection Rules4.5.14APM - Controller
BRUM-5407Page rendering issue when SPA2 is enabled4.5.14Browser RUM - JavaScript Agent
BRUM-5450IE 7 and 5 send error image beacons in ClientInfo4.5.14Browser RUM - JavaScript Agent

DBMON-5424, DBMON-5425

Only select statements are being allowed Database Visibility - Controller / Agent

DBMON-5424, DBMON-5425

Error message when using the "Convert" function in a custom metric query4.5.14Database Visibility - Controller / Agent
DBMON-5385For PostgreSQL, the Server Object Browser does not work when a custom JDBC connection parameter is used4.5.14Database Visibility - Controller
DBMON-5397Blocking session UI throws 500 error when the time duration is more than 1 hour4.5.14Database Visibility - Controller
DBMON-5422Error message displayed in Controller UI when using the "Convert" function in a custom metric query4.5.14Database Visibility - Controller
DBMON-5423Error message displayed when using the "Convert" function in a custom metric query4.5.14Database Visibility - Agent
DBMON-5431Only select statements are being allowed (DB Monitoring Service)4.5.14Database Visibility - Controller
DBMON-5398DB Agent support for Java version greater than 1.8 (this does not apply to db-agents monitoring Microsoft SQL Server (mssql) databases4.5.14Database Visibility - Agent
DLNATIVE-2807GA agent is crashes customer's environment while reporting the BT details to the Analytics4.5.14PHP Agent
JAVA-5856Frequent deadlock detected when IBM WebSphere application server is instrumented with AppDynamics JavaAgent v4. Agent

Rate Limit logging for failure cases where BT cannot be started to avoid unnecessary logging volume in these cases

4.5.14Java Agent
JAVA-6108Java Agent incorrectly identifies agent home directory in presence of other Java Agents earlier in the JVM command line4.5.14Java Agent
JAVA-6089Java Agent throws IllegalArgumentException: sun.tools.jmap not in module while starting agent with AdoptJDK11.0.4+OpenJ94.5.14Java Agent
JAVA-5836Agent fails to clean up log files in case of high rollover rates4.5.14Java Agent
METADATA-7097Color of the tier in the flow map is not consistent with the legend4.5.14APM - Controller
METADATA-7212Import dashboard to a Controller fails with the message ‘error creating dashboard’4.5.14Dashboards - Controller
MRUM-5114The 99th percentile of the custom timer metric has significant outliers in Mobile RUM, but not in Analytics4.5.14Mobile RUM - Controller
MRUM-5120Drop background custom timer metrics from the Metrics Service4.5.14Mobile RUM - Controller


Network Agent registration fails with a ‘agent validation failed’ error

4.5.10Network Agent
REPORTS-572PDF report is cut off abruptly from the bottom4.5.14Dashboard and Reports - Controller
SERVER-6811Sorting not functioning correctly with the "Container ID" column for the APM page and for the Server page with the "Name" column4.5.14Server Visibility - Controller
SERVER‑7120Upgraded to Apache Commons BeanUtils Visibility - Machine Agent
SYNTH-4640Additional arguments to unittest.main are not being accepted4.5.13Synthetic Agent
UIPLAT-8144Unable to change the font color in the "Metric Value" widget4.5.14Dashboard and Reports - Controller








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