Components Without Updates

There are components included in this release that were not updated. The following components report a version where they were last changed:

  • SDK Manager - version 20.5.0

Components With Different Versions

There are AppDynamics components included in this release where the version does not match with the ABAP Agent components version. The following components report a version that is used in this release:

  • C++ SDK legacy - version 21.7.4-283
  • C++ SDK latest - version 22.4.1-487 

New HTTP SDK Compatibility Version

Due to recent C++ SDK changes in the oldest supported GLIBC and windows C++ runtime library versions, ABAP Agent now ships with two types of HTTP SDK:

  • HTTP SDK latest - includes the latest C++ SDK version and contains all features. Requires GLIBC version 2.17 or newer (on Linux) or Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2019 or newer (on Windows).
  • HTTP SDK legacy - includes the previous C++ SDK version (21.7.4-283) that was compatible with older C++ runtime versions. Does not support call graphs and any features that were added to C++ SDK after the 21.7.4 release (for example, analytics segment limits override parameters, and so on).

If the C++ libraries on supported SAP application servers cannot be upgraded, HTTP SDK can be installed on a remote Linux gateway system with sufficient GLIBC version as a workaround. See Installing HTTP SDK Manually.

Please refer to individual readme.txt files for more details.

New Name for Datavard Insights

Datavard Insights will soon be renamed to SNP CrystalBridge┬« Monitoring and the original name will be discontinued. The new name is already used in the online documentation.  

ABAP Agent

SAP-45 (ASM-339): Expert Settings UI

Deeper customization of the ABAP Agent is now possible using the new Expert Settings UI. The UI can be accessed using t-code /DVD/APPD_PARAM. See Expert Settings.

SAP-45 (ASM-336, ASM-432): Option to Define Custom User for Background Jobs

Expert setting BTC_USER_ID can be used to override the SAP user used during ABAP Agent background job (i.e. housekeeping job, STAD collector job) execution. Additional authorizations were added to the authorization role /DVD/APPD_ADMIN to enable this functionality. The setting can be changed using the Expert Setting UI accessed using t-code /DVD/APPD_PARAM. See Expert Settings.

SAP-208, SAP-209 (ASM-892, ASM-935): SAP Certification

AppDynamics for SAP is now certified by SAP and has also passed internal security compliance checks.

SAP-222 (ASM-914): Limited Exit Calls

Exit calls can be switched to Limited mode using Match Rule Settings. The limited mode does not create real exit calls but instead collects statistics and reports them as data collectors. This functionality is not available for the GUI Transaction match rule.

ASM-933: Per Server Event Service Connection Check

The connection check to event service is now carried out from the perspective of every SAP application server. The connection check is called Custom analytics connector and Analytics Agent connector was renamed to Transaction analytics replication. The connection checks are available via t-code /DVD/APPD_STATUS. See Start the AppDynamics HTTP SDK.


SAP-236 (ASM-931): Analytics Segment Limit Parameters

The HTTP SDK latest version includes functionality to override default analytics segment limits. This feature is not available in the HTTP SDK legacy version. The parameters can be set using the new Expert Settings UI. See Expert Settings.

ASM-928: Logic for Future IBL Support

HTTP SDK code now propagates additional flags via C++ SDK to the controller. These flags will be used in SAP IBL license validation logic in future controller releases.

Datavard Insights

SAP-224 (ASM-923): SAP Table Lock Monitoring

A new collector for monitoring SAP Table locks (t-code SM12) is added. The collector gathers aggregated statistics based on SM12 data out of the box but can be further customized to collect non-aggregated data for specific tables. A new dashboard Table Locks is available out of the box and can be generated using the SAP Dashboard Generator.

See also Collector for Lock entries.

SAP-228 (ASM-920): SAP Client Added to Existing Schemas

CLIENT_CODE field is added to the following detail tables / schemas:

Detail TableHarmonized SchemaLegacy Schema


SAP-230: IDoc Business Process Step and New UI

The new default business process step implementation for IDoc processing is now available. This new business process step type can extract values from IDoc control record, status record and even individual data segments and replicate the extracted data into sap_biq_documents analytics schema to be used for business journey definition. IDoc business process steps can be correlated to table based business process steps using the preexisting GUID linking logic.

A new unified business process definition UI is introduced to enable simplified maintenance of different business process step type configurations. The new UI allows the definition of business processes, business process steps, and configuration of step properties and additional field definitions without needing to navigate across multiple screens with the old UI.

See Monitor SAP Business Processes.

Resolved Issues and Improvements

ABAP Agent

  • ASM-837: Time limits implemented for all asynchronous WAIT statements.
  • ASM-890: Authorization object and authorization role usage log file are now added into downloaded logs.
  • ASM-891: Readability improvements in downloaded logs (field grouping by area, added missing fields).
  • ASM-924: BSP resources without <head> tag are no longer touched by the JS agent injection logic.
  • ASM-953: Trace overhead data collector is removed due to unreliable source data.

Datavard Insights

  • ASM-857: Oracle monitoring documentation updates.
  • ASM-859: Oracle percentage value mapping fixes.
  • ASM-870: Oracle session monitoring improvements.
  • ASM-882: Default monitoring logic in Insights cockpit now starts correct collectors for Oracle and HANA database.
  • ASM-888: Oracle table space monitoring fixes.
  • ASM-911: New features added to Oracle system definition screen.
  • ASM-872: SQL wizard line break handling adjustments.
  • ASM-877: SQL collector detail tables are now correctly collected from satellite systems.
  • ASM-895: SQL query string validation added to KPI wizard.
  • ASM-896: KPI Wizard no longer overwriting group descriptions.
  • ASM-899: Added handling for duplicate entries created by KPI wizard.
  • ASM-903: SQL collector input table data are displayed in correct sort order.
  • ASM-919: KPI wizard can no longer create or override a default monitoring profile.

Other Areas

  • ASM-856: New handling for Insights jobs in a suspended state.
  • ASM-860: Additional security and certification compliance fixes.
  • ASM-867: Various KPI descriptions and thresholds were adjusted - link.
  • ASM-871: Number range monitoring percentage calculation adjustments to avoid rounding errors - link.
  • ASM-878: Added monitoring area definition for DB6 to enable future development.
  • ASM-879: More details are available in the Insights logs - link.
  • ASM-881: Diagnostic messages are no longer written into the Insights job spool.
  • ASM-894: Log messages appear in the same order as they occurred.
  • ASM-901: Multiple fixes in KPI wizard screen flow logic.
  • ASM-906: Documentation update - Add SAP system for monitoring - link.
  • ASM-907: Documentation update - Add HANA database for monitoring - link.
  • ASM-912: Monitoring of external HANA database through remote SAP system now works correctly.
  • ASM-921: Additional fixes in Insights customizing copy logic.
  • ASM-922: CPU KPI descriptions and units were corrected.
  • ASM-925: IDoc detail collector is now using the database index correctly.
  • ASM-939: Fixed inconsistency in customizing data that caused runtime errors when a number of CPU cores or RAM size could not be resolved for a node.
  • ASM-941: Minor GUI language-specific fixes in Insights cockpit.


  • Fixed handling of dynamically constructed WHERE condition for table based business process step.

JCo Extension

  • ASM-934: Confirming that no component is affected by sprint4shell.
  • ASM-940: Added handling to fix incompatibility with the latest NW Java releases.