This guide describes SAP monitoring using AppDynamics.

SAP Components

The SAP monitoring components are:

  • ABAP Agent: Responsible for business transaction monitoring (communication between SAP and external systems, like the AppDynamics Controller).
    • HTTP SDK: Sub-component of the ABAP Agent responsible for forwarding data collected by the ABAP Agent to the AppDynamics Controller using C++ SDK.
  • SNP CrystalBridge┬« Monitoring: Responsible for collecting SAP-specific metrics, logs, and events. See Monitoring Integration.
  • BiQ Collector: Responsible for monitoring SAP business processes. See Monitor SAP Business Processes

Supported AppDynamics Controllers

ABAP Agent supports AppDynamics Controller versions based on Maintenance Support for Software Versions. The ABAP Agent functionality depends on AppDynamics C++ SDK that supports AppDynamics Controller versions based on Agent and Controller Compatibility.

License Requirements

The purchase of AppDynamics for SAP ABAP Agent covers the following licenses, but these must be generated and installed on the corresponding components.

Area to be LicensedLicense
AppDynamics Controller
  • One AppDynamics C/C++ SDK license for each SAP application server
  • One AppDynamics Machine Agent license for each SAP application server
Within SAPGUI configuration for licensing
  • One AppDynamics ABAP agent license for each SAP system

SAP ABAP Agent Architecture

The ABAP Agent uses the AppDynamics C++ SDK wrapped by the AppDynamics HTTP SDK to report business transaction performance metrics and snapshots. The following diagram describes the communication between ABAP Agent and AppDynamics Controller: 

See Architecture Overview for more details.