Critical Bug Fixes

A critical bug ASM-585 has been identified in ABAP Agent job deactivation logic. The bug leads to loss of suspended background jobs when ABAP Agent deactivation is combined with execution of report BTCTRNS1 in the wrong order. See Upgrade or Uninstall the Solution for correct sequence of upgrade steps to avoid this bug until the hotfix can be applied.

The download bundle for AppDynamics for SAP release 21.2.0 contains a new folder 'Z-Hotfixes'. This folder contains a hotfix transport for each affected ABAP Agent release (from release 4.5.1902.0 up to release 20.11.0) and additional instructions in readme.txt file. As this bug affects steps carried out before the ABAP Agent upgrade (deactivation, BTC job downtime, etc.), please import the correct version-specific hotfix transport before upgrading to release 21.2.0.

When applying this hotfix, downtime and ABAP Agent deactivation are not necessary.  

This bug is fully resolved in release 21.2.0, see Resolved Issues



Components Without Updates

There are components included in this release that were not updated. The following components report a version where they were last changed:

  • Java Agent JCo Extension - version 20.5.0

  • SDK Manager - version 20.5.0

Components With Different Versions

There are AppDynamics components included in this release where version does not match with ABAP Agent components version. The following components report a version that was used in this release:

  • C++ SDK - version 20.12.1-117

Disable and Enable Enhancements

Transport request used for restoration of all uninstalled enhancements needed to be split into individual enhancement restoration transport requests based on affected components. See Disable and Enable Enhancements.

ABAP Agent

SAP-118 (ASM-531): (Beta) EUM Correlation with SAP Business Transactions

By enabling this beta feature, it is possible to see correlation between browser snapshots and business transactions. See Browser End-User Monitoring.

SAP-146 (ASM-635): Enhancement Spots for Custom Authorization Checks

New enhancement spots (BAdIs) are available in the following areas of ABAP Agent:

  • SXPG/SM49 OS command authorization check for all ZDVD_APPD commands.
  • File access services used for local HTTP SDK installation and access to local log files.
  • NetWeaver Gateway Instrumentation, see Instrument NetWeaver Gateway.

The individual enhancement spots are grouped under enhancement spot /DVD/APPD_EH_BADI_CHECKS. Implement the enhancement spots to fine-tune authorization checks in the listed areas. See also SAP Authorizations.

ASM-480: Top 5 Used Tables in Dialog Session Analytics

Insights STAD collector can now collect the top 5 used tables for aggregated dialog session records (TASK_TYPE = "Dialog") and add them to analytics schema sap_workload_transaction_profile as fields TOP_TAB1 - TOP_TAB5. The guide on how to enable the collection of top 5 used tables is available here.

ASM-637: Program for Reporting Insights License Statistics as Metrics

Program /DVD/APPD_DI_LICENSE_METRICS can be scheduled to run periodically and report the following tier level custom metrics to the controller:

  • SAP|Insights License|License is installed
  • SAP|Insights License|License is valid
  • SAP|Insights License|Licensed server count
  • SAP|Insights License|Servers in use
  • SAP|Insights License|Days remaining

These metrics reflect the validity, expiration, and current usage of Datavard Insights license that is installed on the systems. See also Insights License Statistics.

Datavard Insights

SAP-141 (ASM-583) SAP Heap Memory Monitoring

SAP Heap memory is now monitored together with other SAP-specific memory types. This collector is executed using the default AppDynamics ABAP agent - 5 Minutes (ASM_AGT5M) collector job. Restart this collector job to start SAP heap memory monitoring.

The out of box dashboards are updated accordingly, see Application Server Status and Application Server Memory.

Use the SAP Dashboard Generator to generate and upload the application server dashboards to propagate the updates to the controller.

SAP-142 (ASM-590) SAP ICM Monitoring

New collector for monitoring of SAP ICM metrics is now available. This collector is executed using the default Insights for AppDynamics - Default 5 Minutes (ASM_DEF5M) collector job. Restart this collector job to start ICM monitoring.

The SAP Dashboard Generator contains a new checkbox that allows generating and uploading of the new ICM Monitor dashboard.

SAP-143 (ASM-591, ASM-630) SAP Web Dispatcher Monitoring

New collector for monitoring of SAP Web Dispatcher is now available. To setup SAP Web Dispatcher monitoring see Monitor SAP Web Dispatcher and Setup Monitoring of External Systems with Datavard Insights.

The SAP Dashboard Generator contains new Web Dispatcher Dashboards group and new checkbox that allows generating and uploading of the new Web Dispatcher Monitor dashboard.


SAP-136: Cross-system Document Flows

Support for cross-system document flows allows the default implementation to monitor Business processes happening in the multiple SAP ABAP systems across the landscape.

SAP-144: Freeform SQL

Freeform SQL document definition aims at improving the flexibility and making the implementation faster. BiQ documents can now be (optionally) defined as a direct SQL select statements against multiple tables instead of single table or view reference.

Resolved Issues

ABAP Agent

  • ASM-577: When debug mode is active, all BT errors removed by a BT error filter will be visible under 'SAP Filtered Error' data collector.
  • ASM-579: Downloaded log data are now sorted to make the support process more streamlined.
  • ASM-585: Fixed a bug in ABAP Agent job deactivation logic that could lead to deletion of suspended BTC jobs.
  • ASM-588: Default event override BAdI implementation failed when custom summary text was empty in /DVD/APPD_CC.
  • ASM-593: Empty RFC destination hostname caused problems during backend declaration and exit calls to these backends.
  • ASM-618: Small improvements in OData data collector value extraction logic.
  • ASM-621: Added extra handling to Insights integration layer when importing of clustered data fails.
  • ASM-623: Transport requests used for restoring temporarily uninstalled enhancements is now split into individual transports requests by component.
  • ASM-625: Auto-generation of SLG log sub-objects could result in runtime error when accessed class has syntax error.
  • ASM-629: Downloaded log files now contain more information about STAD collector job history.
  • ASM-632, ASM-634: Analytics data collected from remote systems reported system ID (SID) of the local system.
  • ASM-640: Fixed a bug in built-in OData context data collector that could lead to out-of-memory runtime errors.
  • ASM-642: Fixed a bug in STAD collector call graph logic that could lead to GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED runtime error.
  • ASM-643: STAD collector could run into problems when transaction ID value in STAD records contains binary zeros.
  • ASM-645: BT error filter UI did not allow '*' pattern to be entered by users.
  • ASM-646: HTTP exit calls from SAP dialog BTs could have incorrect timings on SAP release 752 or newer.
  • ASM-650: Logic for exporting settings did not include table /DVD/MON_SYSSRT.
  • ASM-653: Added handling and debug logging to BT error filter logic.


  • ASM-594: Fixed a bug that caused sudden crashes of HTTP SDK instances during call graph processing on Linux with glibc 2.28.

Datavard Insights

  • ASM-426: Collection of SQL KPI and detail tables not in scope of monitoring job is not correctly handled.
  • ASM-567: Added authorization check to job start logic. Old logic could display a success message even if the user did not have the necessary authorizations.
  • ASM-574: Fixed Insights settings UI incompatibility with older SAP releases.
  • ASM-576: Additional handing in percentage calculation logic.
  • ASM-581: Adjustments in clean-up logic now correctly remove customized SQL statement when the associated custom KPI is deleted.
  • ASM-584: Fixed dynamic field reconstruction when importing collected data from cluster.
  • ASM-606: Adjusted cross-client IDoc monitoring code to avoid full table scans when accessing EDIDC table.
  • ASM-626: Logic that lead to 'License type invalid' error when upgrading Insights license to different license type is now handled correctly.


  • SAP-655: Fixed a SID-related bug in harmonised analytics connector that caused an error when schema name is the same in both legacy and harmonised mode.