SAP NetWeaver Gateway provides centralized REST (OData) access to SAP backend systems. The Gateway frontend system is accessed via HTTP and forwards the requests to the backend systems via RFC protocol.

Both frontend (gateway) and backend systems need to be instrumented separately. Before you begin, see Set Up SAP ABAP Agent.

There are two scenarios to consider in the Gateway instrumentation:

  1. OData service is implemented on the SAP backend and Gateway is forwarding requests to this service
  2. OData service is mapped to a backend RFC function module and generated on the fronted system

In case 1. there are no special steps required, the RFC exit call to the ABAP backend is detected automatically

In case 2. the ABAP code calling the backend RFC function is generated on the frontend system and needs to be adjusted using the following procedure:

To instrument NetWeaver Gateway:

  1. Start the transaction code /DVD/APPD_BEP_RFC.
  2. Enter the Gateway projects and/or RFC function modules that you need to detect in exit calls to the backend systems.

After execution, the log contains names of generated methods that were instrumented:

To disable instrumentation:

Select the Un-instrument RFC calls checkbox, and run the program again.

The instrumentation program modifies the generated ABAP code that is imported from the development system. New transports override any old ABAP code, which contains the generated classes. If this happens, execute the instrumentation program again to restore the instrumentation.