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Depending on how you installed and deployed the AppDynamics platform, you can upgrade the Platform with the Enterprise Console. The Enterprise Console simplifies the upgrade process by allowing you to discover and upgrade Controllers, Controller HA pairs, and Events Service. You can pick and choose the platform or service to upgrade once your Enterprise Console is upgraded. For Controller versions earlier than 4.1 and for the EUM Server, you will need to use package installers to upgrade.

Before Upgrading

Before you upgrade to a newer version of the platform, complete the following tasks:

  • Review the latest Release Notes, as well as the release notes for intermediate versions between the current version and the version you are upgrading to.
  • Review the compatibility support page.
  • Verify that you meet the requirements described in the Platform Requirements for the components you use.

Upgrade Order

For platforms that include the Controller, the EUM Server, and/or the Events Service, the components must be upgraded in the following order:

  1. Enterprise Console. Upgrade the Enterprise Console by downloading and installing the latest version from the AppDynamics download site. This will upgrade Enterprise Console specific binaries, including orcha, at the end of the upgrade.

    If you are upgrading from Platform Admin 4.3.x to the Enterprise Console, make sure you specify a different installation path from the Platform Admin 4.3.x. This is will ensure that any existing Events Service managed by the Platform Admin 4.3.x can be discovered and upgraded using the Enterprise Console.

    See Upgrade the Enterprise Console

  2. On-premises Events Service. Run the upgrade Events Service command. If you have previously used the Platform Administration Application in 4.1.x, 4.2.x, or 4.3.x for managing the Events Service installation, you will have to first download and install the new Enterprise Console installer before upgrading Events Service to 4.4.x or the latest version. In addition, if you are upgrading from 4.1.x, 4.2.x, or 4.3.x to 4.4.x or the latest version, you will have to discover the Events Service nodes using Enterprise Console.
    See Upgrade the Events Service.
  3. EUM Server; depending on your installation type, see:See Upgrade the Production EUM Server.
  4. Controller.
    See Upgrade the Controller Using the Enterprise Console.


  • If you use the Enterprise Console, you can upgrade the Events Service and Controller with the Enterprise Console GUI or command line.
  • The Enterprise Console manages the Controller and Events Service together, so their keys found in events-service-api-store.properties are synced up upon upgrades.

You do not need to restart the Enterprise Console after your upgrade.

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