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In the AppDynamics model, business applications usually represent a complete application environment. However, it's possible that different business applications share services or infrastructure components.

The cross application flow map lets you see those dependencies and points of contact between business applications in the Controller. This topic describes the cross application flow map.


To view the cross-application flow map, user must have the account-level View Business Flow permission.

Accessing the Cross Application Flow Map

The Applications tab in the AppDynamics Controller UI provides several views of the business applications in your account: a card view, list view, and flow view. To access the cross application flow map, click the flow view link in the tab.

Using the Cross Application Flow Map

To see the cross application flow click the View All Applications link on the Controller UI Home page. The page appears as follows:  

In the context of a given business application, the call to another application is considered an exit call. If the other application is an AppDynamics-instrumented business application, the call is shown as cross application flow. For an example, see the All Applications Flow Map on Flow Maps. All users of one application can see correlated applications on the flow map. However, to drill into metrics and snapshots for a correlated application, a user must be a member of a role with view permissions to the correlated application. See Roles and Permissions.

If your environment includes business applications from multiple accounts on one or more controllers, you can view correlation between those application with the federated cross application flow.