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This page describes the directories for the Apache Agent.

Agent Install Directory

The agent install directory <agent_install_directory> is the appdynamics-sdk-native directory where you installed the agent.

For example, if you un-tarred the agent to /opt, the agent home would be: /opt/appdynamics-sdk-native.

 It contains the following files:

  • install.sh to install the Apache Agent and the agent proxy.
  • runSDKProxy.sh to start the agent proxy.

WebServerAgent Directory

The <agent_install_directory>/WebServerAgent directory contains the Apache Agent libraries. 

The Apache subdirectory contains the Apache modules for the Apache Agent:

  • For Apache 2.2: libmod_appdynamics22.so

  • For Apache 2.4: libmod_appdynamics.so

Conf Directory

The <agent_install_directory>/conf directory contains the logging configuration files:

  • a logging configuration template: appdynamics_sdk_log4cxx.xml.template
  • a log configuration file: appdynamics_sdk_log4cxx.xml

Logs Directory

The logs <agent_install_directory>/logs directory contains the logs for the Apache Agent and the agent proxy.

Proxy Directory

The proxy <agent_install_directory>/proxy directory contains the agent proxy files.

Proxy Control Directory

The proxy control directory contains the domain control socket, which the agent uses to start an AppDynamics node. Defaults to <agent_install_directory>/logs/appd-sdk. You need to pass this path to the runProxy script if you are starting the proxy manually.



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