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Note the following if you want to collect and view Machine or Server metrics on a server with Machine and .NET Agents installed:

  • .NET Compatibility Mode is required for metrics from a Standalone Machine Agent and a .NET Agent on the same server to be visibly associated with the same node in the Controller UI.
  • There might be differences in metric values reported by the Machine Agent and the .NET Agent due to different averaging rates and measurement methods.
  • You must enable .NET Compatibility Mode on the Machine Agent.  
  • When .NET Compatibility Mode is enabled:
    • Events from Service Availability and Custom Extensions appear in the Servers tab but are not associated with .NET applications in the Controller UI.
    • The Controller UI might show the server name with "-java-MA" appended to the host ID. Thus, a Standalone Machine Agent with a <unique-host-id> set to "ABC" might appear as "ABC-java-MA" in the Controller UI. This is expected behavior; the "-java-MA" suffix indicates that the host has a Standalone Machine Agent running in .NET Compatibility Mode. 
  • Do not specify the <application-name><tier-name>, or <node-name> properties on the Standalone Machine Agent. These properties are intended for use with a Standalone Machine Agent on a host that has no other AppDynamics agents installed.

To enable .NET Compatibility Mode:

  1. You need to enable .NET Compatibility Mode on the agent. There are two methods to do this:
    • Set the following options in <machine_agent_home>/conf/controller-info.xml
      1. <dotnet-compatibility-mode>true</dotnet-compatibility-mode>  
         You might need to add this line to the controller-info.xml file.
      2. <unique-host-id><unique-host-id-of-dot-net-agent></unique-host-id> 
        For both agents to report metrics to the same node, the Standalone Machine Agent must use the same case-sensitive Unique Host ID used by the .NET Agent. See FAQs and Troubleshooting
    • Set the ./bin/machine-agent system property as follows:

      ./bin/machine-agent -Dappdynamics.machine.agent.dotnetCompatibilityMode=true

  2. Save the controller-info.xml file. 
  3. Start or restart the Machine Agent. You must do this to apply the previous changes.


You can also enable .NET Compatibility Mode on the Machine Agent by setting the ./bin/machine-agent system property as follows:

./bin/machine-agent -Dappdynamics.machine.agent.dotnetCompatibilityMode=true

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