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This section contains topics on administering the Controller. Depending on how you installed and deployed the platform, you may have more than one method to administer the platform.

AppDynamics provides command line tools for common operations, such as starting and stopping the platform components and their services. Some tasks involve using the administration interface for the underlying Glassfish application server, either the web interface or the command line tool.

  • controller.bat/sh: Run as admin. Use to start and stop the Controller or its individual services, add Java startup options, and so on. To see all options, run controller.sh from the command line with no parameters.  
  • admin.jsp: Access basic operational settings for the AppDynamics installation, including data retention settings, tenancy mode, and more.   
  • Glassfish administration tool: Use the Glassfish admin tool, asadmin, to confiure settings in the underlying application server. 

The topics in this section describe how to use the tools along with other administration tasks. 

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