This page applies to an earlier version of the AppDynamics App IQ Platform.
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Server Monitoring features are available for Linux and Windows. You need a Server Monitoring license to enable and use Server Monitoring features. Server Monitoring is enabled by default on AppDynamics controllers. You must explicitly enable your Standalone Machine Agent to start sending the expanded set of Server Monitoring metrics.

Standalone Machine Agents can be installed on other supported operating systems to collect basic metrics and run extensions, however, the Server Monitoring features are not available. 

Important Notes

  • AppDynamics recommends that you use the latest available version of the Standalone Machine Agent for Server Monitoring.
  • Monitored servers are considered stale 30 days after they go offline. They are purged from the Controller database when that time limit is reached.
  • If you plan to enable Server Visibility on a Windows server where a .NET APM agent is installed, you must enable .NET Compatibility Mode on both the Controller and the Machine Agent. For more information, see .NET Compatibility Mode
  • For specific guidance on agent sizing and capacity considerations in your organization, please contact your AppDynamics account representative.

Enable Server Monitoring

This section assumes that you have already installed and configured the Standalone Machine Agent on a Windows or Linux machine as described in Install the Standalone Machine Agent.

To enable Server Monitoring

  1. Set the "sim enabled" property to "true". For details on where to put configuration settings, see Where to Specify Machine Agent Configuration. Configure the value depending on your configuration choice:
    • Element in controller-info.xml:<sim-enabled>
    • System Property:-Dappdynamics.sim.enabled
    • Environment Variable: APPDYNAMICS_SIM_ENABLED

  2. Restart the machine agent. See Start and Stop the Standalone Machine Agent.