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You can configure the thresholds that define slow, very slow, and stalled end user requests. These thresholds are used to trigger browser snapshots.

You can define Browser Monitoring thresholds either

  • as a multiple of the standard deviation; for example, "Experience is slow if end user response time is slower than 3 X the standard deviation.
  • as a static value; for example, "Experience is stalled if end user response time is slower than 30000 ms."

The default thresholds are:

  • Slow = 3 x standard deviation
  • Very Slow = 4 x standard deviation
  • Stalled = 45000 ms

Access Browser RUM Threshold Rules

  1. Open the EUM application in which you are interested. 
  2. From the left navigation bar, select Configuration.
  3. Click the Web Page Naming, Error Detection, Thresholds, Percentiles, etc. tab.
  4. Expand Thresholds for Slow User Experience.

Configure Browser RUM Threshold Rules

  1. Select the relevant radio button to indicate whether the threshold is based on standard deviations or static values.
  2. Type the values in the fields or select them using the scrollbars for one or more of the following:
    1. the Slow Threshold.
    2. the Very Slow Threshold.
    3. the Stalled threshold.
  3. Click Save.