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This topic describes how to interpret the details of your Browser Synthetic licensing information.  It assumes that you have acquired your Browser Synthetic license from your AppDynamics sales representative.

EUM Accounts and Licenses

Licensing for EUM is separate from Controller licensing.  EUM Accounts can be enabled for three distinct license types:

  • Browser RUM
  • Mobile RUM
  • Browser Synthetic

If you have at least one of these license types, you have an EUM Account, which has a name and a license key associated with it.

To View EUM License Information

  1. Open the gear menu in the upper right corner of the Controller UI.
  2. Click License.
  3. Scroll down to End User Monitoring.

License Categories

There are two Browser Synthetic license categories: Pro and Lite.


A Browser Synthetic Pro license allows you to create both Scheduled and On-Demand Jobs.

Scheduled Jobs

  • Scheduled test runs are measured in terms of the time it takes to actually run the test in our systems. Because it is not possible to know in advance how long a given test may take, you can set a timeout value when you create the job, to place an upper limit on the time to be used for a test.  If the test times out, you receive partial results. 
  • Licensing is based on units known as Synthetic Time Blocks (STBs), which are 5 second chunks of time. Your license allocates a set of these blocks per month.  By default, a Pro license gives you 40,000 STBs per month.
  • Once you have used up your monthly allotment, all your schedules are frozen until the following month.
  • Test times are rounded up to the nearest 5-second interval.
  • Only users with edit access can create/edit schedules.  Users with read-only access can view schedules.
  • If there is a problem accessing a site (receiving, for example, a 5xx error), the system automatically re-runs the test.  You are charged for these retests.
  • If there is an INTERNAL_ERROR (Browser Synthetic Monitoring infrastructure error), you are not charged for the run.

On-Demand Jobs

  • On-Demand tests follow the same licensing rules as Scheduled Jobs, except that they have a pre-set time out of 30 seconds of actual test time.


A Browser Synthetic Lite license allows you to create On-Demand Jobs only.  A Lite license gives you 4,000 Synthetic Time Blocks per month.

Billing Cycle

Browser Synthetic licenses are managed per month, and allotments are reset on the first of every month.  

License Key

This is the license key associated with your EUM Account.  It is used to associate your data with your account.

Checking Usage

As your jobs run, your usage is tracked and the STBs you have already consumed and the STBs you are projected to consume in the current usage period are calculated.  To see the current status of your Pro account, check the Percent Quota Used line at the top of the the Jobs window.  


To see more details, click the line.  The Synthetic Usage popup appears.


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