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This topic discusses how to manage Controller licenses.

The License File for On-Premise Installations

A temporary license is included with the trial version of AppDynamics Pro. You do not need to install it manually in most cases.

The license file, named license.lic, is located in the Controller home directory. This single license enables the Controller. It also determines the number and types of app agents permitted in the deployment. If you need to install a license file manually for any reason, simply copy the new license file to the Controller home directory. After placing the license in the directory, the Controller may take a minute or two to detect the new license. Alternatively, you can restart the Controller to force it to detect the new license.  

You do not need to deploy the license file for SaaS installations. 

You do not need to install separate license files for the individual app agents themselves. If a Controller is licensed for five app agents, for example, the first five agents that connect to the Controller will be permitted. To effect a transfer of an app agent license, you simply shut down the application that runs the agent or uninstall the agent from the monitored application, and start up and connect the new application. 

Contact the AppDynamics Sales Operations team at with any license-related questions or issues.

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  1. user-f1d5a

    What about multi-tenant controllers?

    1. From the Controller Tenant Mode page: "A Controller license does not enforce or distinguish a particular tenancy mode for the Controller, but the total number of licensed agents for all accounts cannot exceed the number of agents for which you are licensed."