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This topic provides instructions to configure the .NET Machine Agent that installs automatically with the .NET Agent.

The .NET Machine Agent

The .NET Agent includes an embedded .NET Machine Agent that runs as part of the AppDynamics.Agent.Coordinator service. Among other things, the Machine Agent regularly gathers system performance data and reports it back to the Controller as metrics.

(info) Do not confuse the .NET Machine Agent with the Standalone Machine Agent, a Java application. The Standalone Machine Agent provides the capability to use extensions (plugins, metric listener, orchestration). See Standalone Machine Agent.

Machine Agent Configuration

The app agent MSI Installer package and .NET Agent Configuration Utility automatically install and configure the .NET Machine Agent to connect to the Controller. The connection information is the same for the app agent and the .NET Machine agent. See Configure the .NET Agent.

You can customize the .NET Machine Agent to enable additional functionality.

To configure the .NET Machine Agent

  1. If you haven't already, Install the .NET Agent.
  2. Customize instrumentation settings for the Machine Agent element in the config.xml file. See Where to Configure Agent Properties.

    See the following topics for .NET Machine Agent configuration options:

To Configure the .NET Machine Agent without app agents

  1. If you haven't already, Install the .NET Agent.
  2. Launch the AppDynamics Agent Configuration utility and follow the steps until you reach the Assign IIS applications to tiers window.
  3. Click Manual for the method of tier generation and assignment and click Next.
  4. Don't assign any IIS applications to tiers, click Next.

    (info) If you configured any Windows services or standalone applications, manually disable those agents in the config.xml.

  5. Continue with the remaining steps and click Done.

    Monitoring resumes for the .NET Machine Agent only.

Machine Agent Tier

Immediately after you install and configure the .NET Agent, the .NET Machine Agent registers with the Controller and starts reporting performance data.

Frequently the machine agent metrics reach the controller before the app agent has had time to instrument and register IIS applications, Windows services, or standalone applications. If there are no application tiers, the machine agent registers as the Machine Agent tier.

Once the app agent begins reporting metrics for configured application tiers, the .NET Machine Agent reports to the application tiers and stops sending data to the Machine Agent tier.

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