This page provides summary information about the Account Management Portal. See Global Account Administration and Cisco AppDynamics SaaS User Management.

Global account administration and user management for the AppDynamics SaaS environment take place through the Account Management Portal. For Tenant-specific user management, use the Controller Tenant Administration UI.

Account Administration on the Account Management Portal

Use the Account Management Portal to manage users and accounts globally across all of your Controller Tenants.

Account Entitlements

Administrative Options:

  • License Managementprovides Cloud-based license and Controller-based subscription usage information for the current or specified usage cycle.

  • University Subscriptions—provides your current educational benefits, including AppDynamics University subscriptions, Instructor Day(s), and exam vouchers.
  • Professional Services—displays a list of services to help you plan deployments, configurations, workstreams, and other technical projects.
  • Support Contracts—displays a list of support entitlements associated with your account. 

Non-Administrative Options:

  • Profile—provides user profile options.
  • University—provides training information and learning tools.
  • Community—provides a discussion forum, knowledge base, and user community.

Access Management

  • Manage User Accounts—allows user account administrative functions.
  • SAML Federation—provides the means to configure your basic SAML for single sign-on (SSO) capability.
  • Service Principals—provides the means to view, edit, or create service principals for secure access to Cloud and Controller Tenants.

Downloads—allows downloading AppDynamics software packages for Controller Tenants that are available for your account.

User Administration on the Controller Tenant

Use the Controller Tenant Administration UI to manage users on a per-Tenant basis.

External Authentication

AppDynamics manages user credentials according to your authentication setup.

  • Local User—AppDynamics manages user account credentials 
  • LDAP User—You manage user account credentials via LDAP integration 
  • SAML User—You manage user account credentials via SAML integration 

You create and manage Local User accounts in the Tenant Administration UI. However, you can authenticate and authorize Tenant users with external LDAP or SAML-based authentication providers.

Authentication Options

Log in to the Tenant UI as an administrator and navigate to Settings> Administration Authentication Provider.

By default, Tenant authentication is configured to the local authentication option, AppDynamicsWith this configuration, AppDynamics manages the users and they authenticate through the AppDynamics Identity Provider (IdP) 

Alternatively, you can have an external LDAP or SAML system perform user authentication and authorization. 


Use the Downloads page to obtain AppDynamics software packages for SaaS Controller Tenants that are available for your account.