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This topic explains how to set up the Datavard Insights connector.


Install License for Datavard Insights

The product functions for 14 days once the trial period is activated. To install the license, request a license key by emailing or reply to the license email received prior and provide the following information on the Licence information tab:

  • License type (AppDynamics ABAP Agent or Insights for AppDynamics)
  • SAP System ID (3-letter ID)
  • Number of application servers in the SAP system

This information must be provided for each System ID that is licensed. Licenses are provided for the number of application servers at a customer site, and cannot exceed that number. See for a trial version or POV.

  1. Once you obtain the key, start the transaction /DVD/APPD_DI_CON
  2. Click the Install license button on the toolbar, the license pop-up appears
  3. Press the Install button, enter the provided license key and click Confirm license information, or click F8

Start Performance Collectors

To start the performance collector jobs, click the Start monitoring button on the toolbar.

In ABAP agent releases older than 4.4.1812.0, Datavard Insights (previously called SAP Analytics) was configured and started differently. When the old performance collector jobs are still running, you are prompted to stop the old jobs first. New performance collector jobs cannot be started while the old collector jobs are still running.

Depending on the installed license, the respective jobs are started:

  • ABAP Agent license  – "AppDynamics ABAP agent" jobs are scheduled, collecting default metrics and events
  • Insights for AppDynamics License –  All collector jobs are started (HANA jobs are started only if the SAP system is running on SAP HANA DB)

Individual collector jobs can be started or stopped using the Start or Stop buttons in the list. The status column indicates if the job is running, stopped, or ended with errors and so on.

When pressing the Info button, a list of metrics collected by the specified job is displayed:

This list also shows mapping between Insights and AppDynamics metrics.

  • KPI name is the technical name for a metric in Datavard Insights
  • KPI description is the non-technical description 
  • Path to metric represents path in the AppDynamics metric browser under Application Infrastructure Performance > <Tier name> > Custom Metrics > SAP
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