AppDynamics switched from Semantic Versioning to Calendar Versioning starting in February 2020 for some agents and March 2020 for the entire product suite.

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    This section provides an overview of how to plan your on-premises deployment.

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    Before You Begin

    Before you upgrade or install the platform, perform the following tasks:

    • Choose your appropriate Enterprise Console install or upgrade path.
    • Review the requirements for the components you plan to install and prepare the host machines. The requirements vary based on the components you deploy and the size of your deployment.
    • Download the Enterprise Console and start your platform installation.
    • Verify that a user account with write permissions for the installation directory you want to use exists. Install all components with the same user or a user with equivalent permissions.

    You can refer to the child pages for the platform requirements and deployment guides.

    Irrespective of the server's computing power, installing more than one controller on the same server is not supported.

    Choose How You Want to Install

    The deployment option you choose to follow should be based on the components of the AppDynamics platform that you want to deploy. Deployment options that include the Controller and Events Service installations require the Enterprise Console, while the EUM Server installation requires the use of package installers.

    Based on your AppDynamics deployment, you may use the Enterprise Console for the following tasks:

    • Install a Controller and an embedded Events Service.
    • Install an HA pair and scaled-out Events Service.
    • Install or upgrade the Events Service on Linux.
    • Install or upgrade an Events Service on Windows that runs on a single host.
    • Discover and manage a Controller and Events Service.
    • Upgrade a Controller or HA pair and preserve customizations after the upgrade.
    • Upgrade MySQL to the latest supported version.

    The following tasks cannot be performed using the Enterprise Console, and therefore, must be performed manually:

    • Install or upgrade an HA pair on Windows.
    • Install or upgrade an Events Service on Windows that runs on multiple hosts as a cluster.
    • Install the EUM Server.
    • Install the Synthetic Server.

    Installation and Upgrade Quick Starts

    Based on how you deploy and what components of the AppDynamics you deploy, there are different installation and upgrade steps to follow.

    New Installations Quick Start

    This installation path describes the use of the Enterprise Console to install the Controller and Events Service. The EUM Server must be installed separately as it cannot be installed using the Enterprise Console.

    1. Install the Enterprise Console.
    2. Use the Enterprise Console to create the platform and add hosts.
    3. Install the Controller and Events Service on the same host by using Express Install. Use Custom Install to install a scaled-out Events Service that runs on a host that is separate from the Controller. Custom installations give more flexibility on where and how to install Controller and Events Service.
    4. Install the EUM Server.
    5. Complete the post-install tasks for the Controller, Events Service, and EUM Server.

    For a more detailed description of this path, see Platform Installation Quick Start.

    Upgrade Quick Start

    This is the upgrade path to follow using the Enterprise Console and EUM package installer:

    1. Install the Enterprise Console.
    2. Discover and upgrade an existing Events Service with the Enterprise Console.
    3. Upgrade the Production EUM Server with the package installer.

    For a more detailed description of this path, see Discovery and Upgrade Quick Start

    Platform Component Compatibility

    For versions 4.5.x+, to ensure that the platform components work properly, be sure you install compatible component versions based on the following guideline:

    Platform VersionPlatform Component Version CompatibilityExample of Compatible Versions
    4.5.0–4.5.1Events Service version >= EUM Server version >= Controller version
    • Events Service 4.5.1
    • EUM Server 4.5.0
    • Controller 4.5.0

    EUM Server version >= Controller version

    (Events Service 4.5.2+ is backward compatible with the other platform components.)

    • EUM Server 4.5.3
    • Controller 4.5.2

    The Synthetic Server 4.5.x+ versions are compatible with any of the other component versions 4.5.0+ and the Synthetic Private Agent 4.5.4+.

    To get the versions of the Events Service, Controller, and Events Service, see Getting Platform Versions. For the EUM Server and Synthetic Server, use the following endpoints:

    • http(s)://<on-prem-eum-server_domain-name>:7001/eumcollector/get-version
    • http(s)://<on-prem-synthetic-server_domain-name>:10101/version

    Download the Software

    To use the Enterprise Console to install the AppDynamics Platform, you need to download the Enterprise Console installer and, if needed, the EUM Server package installer.

    For more information on downloading the software, see Download AppDynamics Software.

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