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If your pre-4.2 deployment of machine agents used multiple app agents on the same machine, with each app agent reporting to a different application on the same controller, you can now use a single machine agent to report hardware metrics to all of those applications.

As long as the host ID of the machine agent matches the host ID of the app agents, all of the basic hardware metrics reported by the machine agent are also reported to each application on that machine. If you are upgrading from a configuration in which multiple machine agents were deployed to achieve this, it is recommended that you consolidate to deploy a single machine agent using the procedure below.

Consolidation is not recommended for the use case where multiple machine agents are on the same machine with each machine agent reporting to a separate application and there are no matching app agents for those applications on the machine. This is the Independent Standalone Machine Agent scenario.

To deploy a single machine agent to replace multiple machine agents
  1. Stop all machine agents. 
  2. Create a back up of each of the machine agent installation directories.
  3. Remove all but one of the machine agent installations. (Uninstall the Standalone Machine Agent)
  4. Confirm that the remaining controller-info.xml file does not contain entries for App Name, Tier Name, Node Name or Force Registration settings.
  5. Confirm that the host id of the machine agent matches the host id of the App Agents so that metrics can be reported to those applications. If you have defined an explicit uniqueHostId configuration, confirm this is the same configuration used for starting all App Agents, and the Machine Agent.
  6. Confirm that all App Agents on that machine are using the same uniqueHostId as the single machine agent, and restart the app servers using the following steps:
    1. Stop all app agents on the machine
    2. Edit the unique-host-id property of each App Agent to match the same value defined in the machine agent. (if the uniqueHostId system property is used from the command line, ensure that matches the same value as defined for the machine agent). Note that for the machine agent this property can be specified in the controller-info.xml file. For the app agents, you have to use the environment variable or a system property. See Unique Host ID property in Java Agent Configuration Properties.
    3. Restart each App Agent.
  7. Restart the machine agent.
    After the consolidation, confirm the machine agent is reporting the basic hardware metrics to the expected applications.
  8. Confirm that each app agent is reporting metrics.
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