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You can set analytics permissions for custom roles from the Analytics tab in the Controller Administration UI.  The tabs referred to here are part of the Administration UI and can be seen when creating a new role.

The Analytics predefined role is the Analytics Administrator. The following screenshot shows the analytics permissions categories. When creating a new role, select the permissions that you want to assign to the new role.

If a user does not have access to a specific application on the Applications tab but has access to Business Transactions for that application on the Analytics tab, they can do all actions for that application in the Analytics screens, except for creating metrics. For the user to create metrics from Analytics searches, you must assign the user to a role with view access to the Analytics Application on the Applications tab.

Asterisks (*) in the permissions tables on this page indicate permissions that should be considered sensitive for security and data privacy purposes. Carefully consider the security and data privacy policies of your organization before granting these permissions. For details on permissions related to Analytics data and functionality, see the links in the More Information column.

Permission NameActivities EnabledFor more information, see
General > Manage Centralized Log ConfigConfigure source rules for Centralized Log Management. Configure Log Analytics Using Source Rules
General > Manage Fields*

Show and hide fields in analytics data so that you can restrict sensitive data to proper roles and users.

Managing Field Visibility

General > Manage APIs*

View the analytics API tab to create and manage API authentication keys. Users with this API permission have access to all analytics data since they can use cURL with the access key and access all data.

Managing API Keys

General > Manage Metrics

Create metrics from analytics searches. This permission controls which roles and users can create metrics from analytics searches. Once the metric exists, you can set up alerts in the usual way.

Create Analytics Metrics From Scheduled Queries

Search Permissions > Can Create a Search*

Create and save an analytics search. Configure view, edit, and delete permissions for each saved search.

Analytics and Data Security


Search Permissions > Saved Searches*

View, edit or delete a specific saved analytics search

Analytics and Data Security 
Transaction Permissions*

View analytics transaction data from all applications or specific applications

Analytics and Data Security 
Log Permissions*

View analytics data for all Source Types or specific log sources

Analytics and Data Security 
Browser Requests and Sessions Permissions*

View analytics data from Browser requests

Analytics and Data Security 
Mobile Requests and Sessions Permissions*

View analytics data from mobile requests and crash reports

Analytics and Data Security 
Synthetic Sessions PermissionsView synthetic data from all or specific applicationsAnalytics and Data Security 
Connected Devices PermissionsView analytics data for connected devicesIoT Monitoring
Custom Analytics Events Permissions*Query custom analytics events data. Permissions can be granted to view data for all custom analytics events or on an event by event basis.Analytics and Data Security 
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