AppDynamics switched from Semantic Versioning to Calendar Versioning starting in February 2020 for some agents and March 2020 for the entire product suite.

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    An alerting template is a configuration of features such as Health Rules, Policies, Actions, Action Suppression, Schedules, and Email Digests. You can save the Alert & Respond configuration of an existing application as a template. Templates help maintain consistent configuration across various applications regardless of their location, version, or environment.

    How to Use an Alerting Template

    You can save the Alert and Respond configuration of an existing application as a template. You can use the Save as new template option. You can apply the template to other applications to replicate the configuration. 

    After configuring an alerting template, if you require to change the configuration and apply the changes to all the applications, use the Overwrite an existing template option. The existing template is overwritten. You can then re-apply the template to the desired applications. For more information, see Configure and Manage Alerting Templates.

    Alerting Template

    Alerting Template Operations

    To view alerting templates, select Alert & Respond > Alerting Templates. The alerting templates list displays all the templates. You can create and manage the templates using the Alerting Template interface.

    The following table lists the template operations:



    View Icon

    View the configuration details of the selected template(s). For more information, see View Alerting Template Details.

    Add Icon

    Create a new template. For more information, see Create an Alerting Template.

    Overwrite Icon

    Overwrite a selected template. Any changes you make, overwrite the existing configuration when you save the template. For more information, see Overwrite an Alerting Template.

    When you edit a template, the updates are not applied to applications using the template. You must re-apply the template to the desired applications.

    Delete Icon

    Delete an existing template. For more information, see Delete an Alerting Template.

    The configuration of applications using the template remains intact even after you delete the template.

    Import Icon

    Import a saved template configuration. Use this option when you have saved the configured alerting template and want to apply it to other applications.

    Export Icon

    Export a template configuration for future use. Use this option when you have configured an alerting template and want to save it for future use.

    Apply To Icon

    Apply a template to the selected application(s). For more information, see Apply Template to Application(s).

    Search Icon

    Search for a template.
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