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This topic introduces federated cross application flow, a form of transaction correlation that works across business applications in different Controller accounts or even on different Controllers. 

About Federated Cross Application Flow

Cross application flow shows the performance impact between business applications within a Controller account. However, some application environments require a larger field of view; you may need to see performance information across business applications in different Controller accounts.

These types of environments may include, for instance:

  • very large organizations that have deployed multiple controllers to accommodate many business applications
  • organizations who have set up different controllers based upon geographical location
  • organizations that are typically isolated from one another, such as a client and vendor with separate Controller accounts, but for whom the business applications for one affects the business applications of the other

Federated cross application flow, or federation, describes the ability of AppDynamics to correlate business transactions across business applications in different accounts which may be on different Controllers. Accounts that trust one another for correlation between their business applications are called federated friends. 

The diagram below illustrates federated cross application flow between the applications in Account A and Account B and between the applications in Account B and Account C:

The two applications in Account A participate in a standard cross application flow.  

Federated cross application flow works with Java and .NET agents that are version 4.4 or later. 

View Federated Cross Application Flow

After you establish a federated friendship between two accounts, any user in either account can view business applications from the friend account in flow maps. An application from a friend account shows up in the flow map when:

  • a tier from the current application makes an exit call to an application in the friend account and the friend account handles the incoming call as an entry point.
  • a tier in from a friend account makes an exit call to the current application and the current application handles the incoming call as an entry point.

AppDynamics appends the account name to the application name when the application resides in a friend's account. For example "App_ACME-Downstream-Services@ACMEEnterprise" in the example below:

The color of the outer circle of the friend application on the flow map indicates transaction health while the inner circle represents the node health. These indicators only represent the transactions and nodes that participate in the cross application flow. Similarly, the tier count and node count inside the circles only account for tiers and nodes that participate in upstream or downstream events related to entry or exit calls from the current application, tier or node.

In the example below, App B shows up in the flow map for App A as 2 tiers and 5 nodes because only those tiers and node participate in the Checkout business transaction:

The flow map doesn't include Tier 3 from App B and its three nodes because the transaction from App A doesn't flow through them.

Access a Federated Friend Application in the Controller

You must have credentials to an account in order to view its applications in the Controller. To navigate to the Application Dashboard for an application in a friend account, you can double click on the application in a flow map.

AppDynamics prompts you to supply your credentials to the friend account unless you have enabled SAML single sign-on and you use the same SAML system for both accounts.

Watch the Video

For full-screen viewing, click Federated Cross Application Flow.

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