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The Java Agent excludes system classes like java.lang.* from instrumentation by default. To enable instrumentation for a system class, use an agent configuration property as described here. 

Instrumented system classes add to the resource overhead introduced by the agent. The amount of overhead depends on the number of calls to the classes. AppDynamics recommends that you instrument a few nodes first and monitor the performance for these nodes before configuring all nodes in your system.

To instrument a Java system class:
  1. Open the <agent_home>/conf/app-agent-config.xml file for the node where you want to enable instrumentation.
  2. Add an override-system-exclude element with the fully qualified system class name to be instrumented. For example, to configure the java.lang.Socket class connect method, configure the element as follows:

    <override-system-exclude filter-type="equals" filter-value="java.lang.Socket"/>


  3. Restart the JVM for which you have modified the XML file.

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