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You can specify SQL queries that you want to run on the monitored database every minute. The results of each query will be collected in a custom metric.

To specify custom queries to run, click Configuration > Custom Metrics > New. Enter the following details:

Name: The name you want to name your custom metric.

Database: The database that you want to run the metrics on.

Query Text: The query that you want to execute. The following query return types are valid:

  • Positive integer. For example, the query below returns a positive integer.

    SELECT COUNT(*) FROM employees
  • String and positive integer. For example, the query below returns a string and a positive integer.

    SELECT name, salary FROM employees

When you create a custom query, it appears for all collectors, but its data only reflects the collector that you created it for.


The following limits apply when configuring custom metrics:

  • By default, you can create up to 20 custom metrics per collector. You can adjust the limit using the dbmon.config.max.custommetric property.
  • Up to 40 custom metrics can be reported per collector.

 Custom metrics are supported for all relational databases: MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, DB2, and Sybase.

Viewing Custom Metrics


You can view your custom metrics in the Metric Browser by navigating to Databases > Metric Browser and expanding the database that you want to view custom metrics for.

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