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Tasks are the basic unit of execution for a workflow. You create tasks from templates in the task library. Once they are created and customized they can be added to each step of a workflow.

The Task Library

You use the Task Library to select task templates from which to make your tasks. There are three kinds of templates in the Task Library:

Create a Task

  1. From the left application menu, click Cloud Auto-Scaling > Tasks.
  2. Click New. The Create Task window opens.
  3. Give the task a name.
  4. Scroll through the task template list to find a suitable template.
  5. Click the template name: the parameter UI is displayed.
  6. Select the Input Parameters tab to specify what values should serve as the input to the task. Asterisks indicate the required parameters.
    If appropriate, you can use a workflow variable which is evaluated at runtime. Click the icon to the right of the field to access the Select Variable popup.
    The types of workflow variables include
    • Shared Variables: This variable stores a value that is accessible by more than one task. These can also be directly using Cloud Auto-Scaling > Shared Variables.
    • Tier IP Addresses: This variable returns a comma separated list of IP addresses of nodes in a tier.
    • Machine IP: This variable returns the IP address of the machine where the task is executing.
    • Task Output: This variable returns a value which is output from another task. To use a task's output, the Task must define output parameters, and it must have executed before the Task that uses it.
  7. Select the Output Parameter Binding tab and enter values if needed.
  8. Click Create Task.
  9. Repeat to create as many tasks as necessary.

A list of tasks is created. You can later edit or remove a task from the Task Window. 

Add a Task to a Workflow Step

  1. From the left application menu, click Cloud Auto-Scaling > Workflows.
  2. To add the task to an existing workflow, select the workflow and click Edit. Or you can create a new workflow. See Create a Workflow and Workflow Steps.
  3. Click the Task + icon in the workflow step to which you wish to add the task.
  4. Select the task to add to your workflow from the list.
  5. Click Add Selected Task to Workflow.
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