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You can view documentation for the Accounts APIs by accessing the Swagger UI. This page provides information on accessing and using Swagger, and a summary of the Accounts APIs.

Controller REST API Browser

Documentation for the Accounts and ACL REST APIs is available via the Controller REST browser, a Swagger-based interactive REST documentation tool. The browser lets you view and try operations in the API on your own Controller. In addition to reviewing the REST API reference below, be sure to refer to the Controller REST browser for additional commands. 

To access the REST API Browser, in a Web browser, go to: 


In the browser, click Show/Hide to see the APIs. If you have an authenticated session for the Controller UI active in the browser, you can view and try the API calls.  

The API entry point is /api. The URIs are to be used as:


Watch a video of using the REST API Browser:

Click this link to see a full screen version of the video, How to Use the REST API Documentation Browser.

The REST Python Client Extension is a tool that you can use with the non-Swagger APIs in the AppDynamics API. Among other functions, it can retrieve the business applications, tiers, and nodes in your AppDynamics model.

Endpoint Examples

The API entry point is /api, and the URIs are used as shown below:


Here is an example to get the accountID with name using GET /accounts/myaccount:

curl -v --user admin@customer1:root http://localhost:8090/controller/api/accounts/myaccount

Here is an example to get all the applicationIDs with name in a given account using GET /accounts/{acctId}/applications:

curl -v --user admin@customer1:root http://localhost:8090/controller/api/accounts/2/applications

Here is an example to get all the Health Rule Names with IDs using GET /accounts/{acctId}/applications/{appId}/healthrules:

curl -v --user admin@customer1:root http://localhost:8090/controller/api/accounts/2/applications/5/healthrules

Accounts API

The Accounts APIs let you manage and monitor accounts and users, and other aspects of AppDynamics licensing. 

For information about licensing, see License Management.

The Accounts APIs are made up of the following modules:

  • actionsuppressions
  • businesstransactions
  • healthrules
  • licensemodules
  • mdsconfig
  • nodes
  • policies
  • users
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