ABAP Agent

SAP-10 (ASM-422): Filtering Logic for Errors and Exceptions

Business transaction errors can now be filtered using the new Configure Error Filter. Metadata like message ID, message number, and exception type are not visible in the controller by default. To temporarily expose the meta data, activate Debug Mode with Error metadata flag enabled.

SAP-13 (ASM-493): (Beta) EUM Support for BSP Pages (CRM WebUI)

JavaScript Agent can now be injected into BSP pages by activating the feature in Browser End-User Monitoring. This enables EUM for CRM WebUI and other SAP web front-ends that use the BSP technology. This feature is available for SAP release 740 or later. 

SAP-72 (ASM-471): (Beta) SQL Trace Automation for SAP Dialog Transactions

A new flag is available under Snapshot Settings that enables a new ST05 SQL trace automation feature intended for capturing Top 5 SQL statements for slow dialog session. In this release, the generated trace is not able to force creation of a BT snapshot yet, but the data is visible via transaction analytics.

SAP-121 (ASM-528): RFC Destination Blacklist Improvements

Continuation of ASM-462 (SAP-44). Temporary RFC blacklist entries are now deactivated instead of being deleted after they expire. This will make sure that all RFC destination that caused connectivity issues will remain recorded on the UI list.

SAP-122 (ASM-529): Debug Mode Improvements

Continuation of ASM-481 (SAP-40). It is now possible to select specific areas when activating debug mode and picking the duration of the debug session. See Debug Mode.

Datavard Insights

SAP-86 (ASM-485) Support for Long-running queries

Collector for monitoring of long-running queries was extended to monitor queries that started outside of the monitoring time-frame. This monitoring time-frame was originally set from previous collector run to the current collector run (5 minutes by default). New logic sets the monitoring time-frame to 1 hour by default. This can further be extended by setting or changing the collector parameter 'TIME_PERIOD_IN_SECS'.

SAP-94: BiQ Collector

BiQ Collector for Datavard Insights is designed to monitor SAP business processes. It adds the option to setup monitoring of business processes and their individual steps.

This release includes configurable default implementation of business process monitoring for SAP Table-based business processes. It is intended for basic scenarios without the need for custom ABAP development.

BiQ Collector provides the option to register custom monitoring implementation (custom ABAP code) to cover complex business processes in SAP systems.

Configuration and content is not included in this release.

For more details, see Monitor SAP Business Processes.

Resolved Issues

ABAP Agent

  • ASM-469: HTTP data collectors did not work for business transactions created by a BSP match rule.
  • ASM-488: ABAP Agent logs are split into separate zip files during download. This will address out-of-memory problems that occur during log download on SAP systems with many application servers.
  • ASM-489: SDK manager logs could not be accessed when HTTP SDK was not yet started.
  • ASM-490: Empty Top HTTP path data collector was causing errors in C++ SDK.
  • ASM-492: Remote HTTP SDK did not report debug mode status correctly.
  • ASM-510: Bug in HTTP SDK version 20.5.0 discarded all BT error messages.
  • ASM-517: SAP dialog business transaction correlation with ST22 runtime error records had some gaps. Multiple fixes and improvements were implemented.
  • ASM-525: ABAP Agent BT error reporting during asynchronous OData request result processing lead to runtime errors. Handling was added to suppress similar ABAP Agent actions during aRFC result processing.
  • ASM-526: Runtime measurement logic did not work correctly with persistent SAP sessions (CRM).

Datavard Insights

  • ASM-444: Performance improvements in process chain collector logic.
  • ASM-487: RFC check collector adjustments for RFC destination type 'T' (TCP/IP).
  • ASM-495: RFC check collector adjustments for RFC destination type 'H' and 'G' (HTTP).
  • ASM-496: DB tablespace monitoring reworked to collect aggregated tablespace statistics by default without needing to define collector input data or parameters.
  • ASM-491: Two instances of the same collector could be started at the same time because of predefined BTC job delays. This could lead to runtime errors under specific conditions.
  • ASM-503: HANA thread sample collector could produce DB errors due to invalid timestamp format.
  • ASM-505: Added message for missing authorization to execute BTC job under different SAP User ID.
  • ASM-507: It was not possible to change collector parameter values under certain conditions.
  • ASM-508: qRFC collector did not work correctly on 7.5X systems.
  • ASM-509: DB benchmark monitoring (/DVD/MON_BAT_CL_DB collector) adjusted to not use TRUNCATE operation.
  • ASM-519: BTC job monitoring collector could terminate with runtime error 'GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED' when incorrect input parameters were defined.
  • ASM-520: It was not possible to add new remote system for monitoring when RFC destination name contained lower-case characters.