ABAP Agent

ASM-443: Calendar Versioning

ABAP Agent components are now migrated to calendar versioning as of this release. 

ASM-462: RFC Destination Blacklist

Automatic RFC Destination Blacklisting (ASM-319, added in version 4.5.1911.0) can now be adjusted. See Configure RFC Settings - RFC Blacklist.

ASM-463: Option to Disable Terminal ID

The terminal ID value is now excluded from default data collectors when SAP user names are excluded. 

ASM-475: Verbose RFC Backend Names

Unresolved RFC backends (remote services) can now be generated with verbose names. See Configure RFC Settings - Verbose Backend Names.

ASM-476: Application, Tier and Node Fields in Custom Analytics Schemas

Application, Tier, and Node are now replicated into all custom analytics schemas that are generated by the ABAP Agent.

ASM-481: Debug Mode

It is now possible to toggle ABAP Agent debug mode via t-code /DVD/APPD_STATUS. See Debug Mode.

ASM-449: Limit Startup File Size

HTTP SDK startup log file size is now limited to a specific number of lines to prevent infinite file growth.

Datavard Insights

ASM-421 : qRFC Monitoring

Monitoring of RFC queues was added. For collector input settings, see Monitoring of qRFC Queues. For out-of-box dashboard details, see RFC Monitoring.

ASM-430: License Handling Improvements

Insights for AppDynamics license does not check for system count and productive system count anymore. It only check for used server count. After this change, it is no longer required to generate special licenses to enable the monitoring of external systems as long as the original license contains sufficient amount of servers.

ASM-479: Top 5 Used Tables in Background Job Analytics

Insights STAD collector can now collect the top 5 used tables for background job records (TASK_TYPE = "Background") and add them to analytics schema sap_workload_transaction_profile as fields TOP_TAB1 - TOP_TAB5. The guide on how to enable the collection of top 5 used tables is available here.

Java Agent JCo Extension

ASM-453: Logging Improvements

Minor improvements in extension logging.

Resolved Issues

ABAP Agent

  • ASM-441: HTTP SDK for Windows randomly crashed with EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION.

  • ASM-461: MESSAGE_TYPE_X dump occurred in custom CRM implementations.

  • ASM-468OData Service Match Rule wildcard evaluation did not work correctly.
  • ASM-477: /DVD/APPD_PROXY table could block work processes when big systems are overloaded.
  • ASM-482: STAD to Dump correlation did not work on some SAP releases because of a known SAP kernel bug.

Datavard Insights

  • ASM-437: HANA metrics were not collected for multiple DB hosts.
  • ASM-445: Collector settings were imported regardless of user selection.
  • ASM-456: Dump 'TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED' when displaying KPI for long periods.
  • ASM-466: RFC Collector included all RFCs tests for all defined systems.

Java Agent JCo Extension