Cisco Cloud Observability provides end-to-end visibility into the performance of the cloud and infrastructure services running your applications. This solution, along with the OpenTelemetry™-instrumented applications, provides full-stack observability and simplifies deployment.

By using Cisco Cloud Observability to observe the state of your systems, you can ensure the reliability of multiple metrics that impact your business. This enables collaboration between IT and business teams so that you can increase the performance, security, and stability of the transactions that have a significant impact on your operations.

For the full list of services that can be monitored, see Supported Cloud and Infrastructure Services.

Cisco Cloud Observability offers the following monitoring solutions:

Cloud Monitoring

The cloud monitoring solution:

  • Collects data from AWS CloudWatch, Azure Monitor, and Google Cloud Monitoring to monitor the health and performance of cloud services.
  • Correlates the data to underlying infrastructure and business applications.
  • Baselines performances and alerts users when there are deviations.

To get started with monitoring cloud services, you must configure one or more Cloud Connections. A Cloud Connection is associated with a cloud account or subscription and enables Cisco Cloud Observability to pull metrics for the services associated with the account or subscription.

The supported services that Cisco Cloud Observability can monitor depend on the target cloud platform. Select your platform to configure cloud connections and observe the platform-specific entities:

Prometheus Monitoring

The monitoring solution for Prometheus®:

  • Supports Prometheus exporter solutions to collect, retain, and display metrics that matter to your business.
  • Stores historical metrics from Kafka and Redis® to provide infrastructure context, replacing the need to deploy a separate Prometheus server.

To set up Kafka and Redis monitoring using Prometheus, see: 

Host Monitoring

The Host Monitoring solution:

  • Monitors hardware metrics from the server OS such as CPU and memory utilization throughput on network interfaces, and disk and network I/O.
  • Correlates your host infrastructure entities with your public cloud assets, Kubernetes entities, and APM services.
  • Identifies underlying infrastructure issues that impact your application performance.
  • Sends alerts based on infrastructure metrics so you can rapidly troubleshoot hardware performance problems.

To set up Host Monitoring to monitor host entities running in your private environment, see:

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