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You can upgrade the Events Service either manually or by using the Enterprise Console.

You must upgrade manually if either of the two following conditions apply:

  1. You did not use the Enterprise Console to deploy the Events Service
  2. You are upgrading Events Service nodes hosted on remote Windows machines
    • This is necessary because the Enterprise Console does not support remote operations on Windows.

Before Upgrading

  1. Download and install the new Enterprise Console.
  2. Decide what version of the Events Service you are upgrading to. 
    • If upgrading to Events Service version 4.5.3, modify your data field names to conform to the latest requirements as described here.
    • If upgrading to a version other than the latest, run the Enterprise Console installer for that version, or verify that this has been done. You can only upgrade to a version of the Events Service that the Enterprise Console is aware of.
  3. Plan the order in which to upgrade platform components (not just Events Service).
  4. Modify the events-service-api-store.properties file.
    • Replace the absolute path APPLICATION_HOME property in the file with an actual path.
    • This is required because while performing a discover and upgrade job, the Enterprise Console is unable to migrate the data directory for custom environment variables in the file. Failure to modify the file causes the upgraded Events Service to start with a new, blank data set.
  5. Back up your events-service.vmoptions file.
    • This is required because the events-service.vmoptions file is not maintained when the Events Service is upgraded. After the upgrade completes, merge your backup copy of events-service.vmoptions into the new file.

Upgrading to a pre-4.1 Events Service

To upgrade the Events Service software to a version earlier than 4.1, you must first manually upgrade the service to 4.1, and then use the Enterprise Console to discover the Events Service nodes.

Upgrade the Events Service

  1. Run the upgrade Events Service command. 
  2.  Discover the Events Service nodes using the Enterprise Console.

Verify the Upgrade

Once the upgrade completes: 

  1. The Events Service process should have restarted—verify its health status in the Enterprise Console GUI.
  2. Merge your backup copy of the events-service.vmoptions file into the new copy of the file created by the upgrade.

Startup Script Paths

After an upgrade, you will find the Events Service startup script paths here:


This may be different from their paths before the upgrade.

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