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Install on Windows

Unzip and double-click the executable package, AppD-Database-x.x.x.x-Setup.exe to start the setup process.

The Windows processes for AppDynamics for Databases start at the end of the installation.

Install on Linux

Note: Do not install AppDynamics for Databases as the root user.

  1. Use the following command to decompress the executable package:

    gunzip <download_file>.tar.gz
  2.  Run the ./ script from the installation directory to start the processes for AppDynamics for Databases.

Note: You should edit /etc/init.d to include running the AppDynamics for Databases startup  script so the AppDynamics for Databases processes will start automatically on reboot.


See also Enable AppDynamics for Databases Security.

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  1. Unknown User (

    For a Linux install, the supplied command just extracts the tar file.
    To extract the whole lot in one go, use the following command...

    tar xvfz  <download_file>.tar.gz