ABAP Agent can connect to other AppDynamics Agents to provide more visibility of the SAP system.

Connect to AppDynamics Machine Agent

As of release 20.11.0, HTTP SDK can be used to replace Machine Agent HTTP Listener for application event reporting. See Analytics API Adapters for more details.

Use the AppDynamics standalone Machine Agent for reporting SAP events to the controller. The Machine Agent runs on every application server, and it collects basic hardware metrics such as CPU, memory, disk, and network utilization. The SAP system communicates with the Machine Agent through HTTP, therefore you must enable the HTTP listener on the Machine Agent. See Machine Agent HTTP Listener.

To connect to the AppDynamics Machine Agent:

  1. Navigate to transaction /DVD/APPD_CUST
  2. Switch to edit mode and enter the Machine agent port under Other agents

The Machine Agent host is set to the hostname of the SAP application server automatically. The Machine Agent port is set to 8293, by default. If the Machine Agent HTTP listener runs on a different port, change the value to that port number.

The controller automatically links Machine Agent to HTTP SDK (C++ SDK) using Unique Host ID. Sometimes this value does not match and needs to be overridden on the Machine Agent to the value used by HTTP SDK. See Unique Host ID.

You can find the value used by HTTP SDK on the Controller > Controller Settings > AppDynamics Agents in column Unique Host ID.

Don't use Node Name parameter in Machine Agent configuration or in startup parameters. If this parameter is used, it can block HTTP SDK (C++ SDK) instances from correctly registering with the controller. To automatically associate Machine Agent instances with HTTP SDK (C++ SDK) instances, please use the Unique Host ID method described above.

Connect to AppDynamics Event Service and Analytics

As of release 20.11.0, harmonized analytics API adapter is available. Original (legacy) adapter is still used as the default adapter for replicating SAP data to custom analytics schemas, but it is recommended to switch or migrate to the harmonized adapter version to get all the benefits of this new version. Legacy adapter will eventually be phased out in future ABAP Agent releases.

See Analytics API Adapters for more details.

Connect to your AppDynamics Analytics events API account to send data to the Analytic events API. You can find the global account name from your AppDynamics controller at Controller Settings > Licenses > Account.

To connect to the AppDynamics Event Service and Analytics:

  1. Adjust host name and port if the default values cannot be used

    Host name must start with the prefix http:// or https://.

  2. Generate an API key with the following permissions. See Create API Keys.
    1. All Custom Analytics Events Permissions
    2. Log Permissions - Can Query all Logs 

    A transaction analytics license is required for the Analytics events API to work.

  3. On the Analytics events API settings window, in the Key field, enter the API key you have generated

  4. Choose between Legacy or Harmonized Analytics API adapter version. See Analytics API Adapters.

  5. (Optional) When SSL communication with Analytics events API is required:

    1. Change beginning of host name from http:// to https://
    2. Change port to 443or use your SSL port when on-premises event analytics server is used
    3. Open the event service URL in a web browser and add /_ping. Download all public certificates and import the certificates to SAP
    4. Select the STRUST SSL identity where your certificate is uploaded in the STRUST SSL identity field under Additional SSL settings

Connect to Analytics Agent

Analytics Agent and Transaction analytics in general are independent from custom analytics data replicated using the AppDynamics Analytics events API. Analytics events API settings and Analytics API Adapters don't affect Transaction analytics and Analytics Agent settings, and vice versa.

You can use the AppDynamics Analytics Agent bundled with Machine Agent to enable Business Transaction reporting to the Event Service. See also Deploy Analytics With the Analytics Agent.

Transaction analytics is turned off by default. When Transaction analytics is active flag is set, once HTTP SDK is restarted, it will automatically connect to an active Analytics Agent instance running on the same server via default port 9090. When no Analytics Agent instance is available, HTTP SDK will work normally, but no Business Transaction analytics data will be available.

You can change the default Analytics Agent host name and port under Other agents if you use centralized Analytics Agents.

When transaction analytics is active in Other agents settings, you can monitor analytics Agent connection availability and connection using t-code /DVD/APPD_STATUS under Transaction analytics replication.


Connection Problems

  • SSL Error

    • Happens when SSL communication is used, but missing/incorrect certificate is in place.

    • Error may happen for respective APIs or agents:

      • Event Service

        • Using a web browser, navigate to your analytics API controller URL (for example https://analytics.api.appdynamics.com/)

        • Download the certificate using this guide

        • Add the downloaded certificate to STRUST identity you are using in transaction /DVD/APPD_CUST following this guide. If STRUST identity in transaction /DVD/APPD_CUST is not filled out, DFAULT STRUST identity is used.

  • Event Service

    • Connection Failed - Access Forbidden

      • API key generated for event service does not have sufficient rights

      • Navigate to Controller > AnalyticsConfiguration > API keys

      • Locate the key you are using in transaction /DVD/APPD_CUST

      • Click on Edit, expand all nodes and tick all checkboxes

  • Machine Agent

    • Machine Agent is running but ABAP Agent can’t reach it

      • Make sure that the machine agent was started with enabled HTTP listener

      • Make sure you are using the correct port in /DVD/APPD_CUST transaction (default 8293)

    • Machine Agent is not correlated on the controller with HTTP SDK

      • Unique Host ID value in machine agent configuration must be the same as one HTTP SDK uses. This is done automatically, but sometimes mismatch occurs and needs to be handled manually. You can change the unique host id following this guide. After changing the unique host ID, do not forget to restart the machine agent for the change to take effect.

  • Analytics Agent

    • Analytics Agent is running but ABAP Agent does not detect it

      • Make sure host and port and set correctly and Transaction analytics is enabled in transaction /DVD/APPD_CUST

      • Make sure the host where the analytics agent is running is reachable from the HTTP SDK host

      • HTTP SDK needs to be restarted after setting up analytics agent / transaction analytics settings