This section describes the process of exporting and importing the ABAP agent settings between SAP systems. When the ABAP agent needs to be customized on multiple SAP systems, this option helps to accelerate the process compared to manual customizing on each system.

You can export and import ABAP agent settings for connection and instrumentation:

  1. Connection settings
    1. Controller settings
    2. Analytic Events API settings
    3. Remote SDK settings
    4. HTTP proxy settings
  2. Instrumentation settings
    1. Match rules
    2. Snapshot settings
    3. JavaScript Agent injection for SAPUI5 (Fiori)
  3. Collector settings
    1. Background Job Thresholds
    2. Background Job Custom Values
    3. Monitored RFC Destinations

Export ABAP Agent Settings

To export the ABAP agent settings:

  1. Start the transaction /DVD/APPD_CUST on the source SAP system.
  2. From the Menu choose Settings >> Export Settings.
  3. Enter the file name (on local PC) to export the settings.
  4. Choose type of the settings (Connection, Instrumentation) to export.
  5. Click Execute (or F8) to export.

Import ABAP Agent Settings

Before importing the connection settings, ensure that all SDK instances are stopped.

When importing only the instrumentation settings, the SDK instances can be running.

To import the ABAP agent settings:

  1. Start the transaction /DVD/APPD_CUST on the target SAP system.
  2. From the Menu choose Settings >> Import Settings.
  3. Select the exported file from local PC.
  4. Choose type of settings (Connection, Instrumentation, Collector) to be imported. 

    1. Delete Old Node Settings - Deletes all existing node (application server) records. This option rebuilds nodes from current application server list during import.
    2. Delete Old Match rules - Deletes all existing match rules.
  5. Click Execute (or F8) to import.

AppDynamics Settings importer does not import SSL certificates to STRUST. If you are using custom ssl file for communication to controller, upload the certificate manually.