Datavard Insights

SAP-94: BiQ Collector

BiQ Collector for Datavard Insights is designed to monitor SAP business processes. Configurable Business processes and their steps, with the ability to register custom ABAP monitoring implementation to cover any Business process involving SAP systems. Includes the default configurable implementation for SAP Table/Document based business processes to cover basic scenarios without the need for custom ABAP development. Configuration/content not included.

Resolved Issues

ABAP Agent

  • ASM-510: Bug in HTTP SDK version 20.5.0 discarded all BT error messages.

  • ASM-490: Empty Top HTTP path data collector caused (non-critical) errors in C++ SDK. 
  • ASM-489: SDK Manager logs were not downloaded if HTTP SDK was not yet started.

Datavard Insights

  • ASM-508: qRFC collector did not work correctly on 7.5X systems.
  • ASM-491: Collector executed with one minute delay could lead to runtime error