This dashboards shows overall statistics for SAP IDocs, e.g. number of processed IDocs, IDoc errors and performance of IDoc processing.

Cross-client monitoring

Since ABAP Agent version 20.11.0, the IDoc collector that populates this dashboard can be configured to collect IDoc statistics from all SAP clients of the monitored system. By default, this collector monitors only the SAP client where monitoring was started.

To enable cross-client monitoring, set parameter COLLECT_FROM_ALL_CLIENTS of this collector to 'X'. See Collector for IDocs and Parameters of Collectors.


New inbound and outbound IDocs

Show total number of inbound and outbound IDocs on this SAP system.

IDoc errors

Shows total number of inbound and outbound IDoc errors on this SAP system.

IDoc processing time

Show runtime performance of IDoc processing.

IDoc errors (list)

Show custom events containing all IDocs with error messages. Double-click the event to get more information about the IDoc, such as sender, receiver, IDoc type etc.

See also Mapping Between KPIs and Metrics.