Kubernetes and App Service Monitoring provides visibility into your Kubernetes® infrastructure and services for Application Performance Monitoring (APM).

Kubernetes and App Service Monitoring allows you to:

  • Gain visibility into key Kubernetes metrics from various entities such as clusters, namespaces, workloads, pods, and ingress controllers.
  • Monitor hardware metrics from the server OS such as CPU and memory utilization, throughput on network interfaces, and disk and network I/O.
  • Correlate your Kubernetes infrastructure entities with your public cloud assets such as compute, storage, and load balancer, as well as APM services.
  • Track resource usage of pods relative to the defined requests and limits.
  • Visualize your large-scale Kubernetes clusters (1000s of pods and containers).
  • Monitor the Kubernetes events and application logs within your cluster.
  • Diagnose issues that may prevent uptime or obstruct scalability, such as: 
    • Issues related to resource allocation and configuration
    • Pod failures and restarts
    • Node starvation
    • Pending or stuck pods

    • Excessively high rates of reads/writes on a specific disk or partition

In addition, Kubernetes and App Service Monitoring supports:

  • Auto-instrumentation of services using the OpenTelemetry™ Operator deployed by the appdynamics-operators Helm chart.
  • Installing, upgrading, and deleting Kubernetes-related agents using the Cisco AppDynamics Smart Agent.

Component Overview

Cisco AppDynamics provides Helm charts that deploy the following components:


Cluster CollectorCollects Kubernetes data.
Infrastructure CollectorCollects server and container data, known as Host Monitoring.
Log CollectorCollects logs.

Cisco AppDynamics Distribution of OpenTelemetry Collector

  • Receives OTLP data from the Infrastructure Collector, Cluster Collector, and Log Collector.
  • Collects data from the applications that are instrumented using OpenTelemetry Operator for Kubernetes tracer SDKs/Agents or any other OTLP sources over gRPC and HTTP, and exports that data to Cisco AppDynamics.



AppDynamics Operator

These two operators are responsible for the life cycle management of appdynamics-collectors and allow you to inject and configure OpenTelemetry auto-instrumentation libraries. Currently, Java, NodeJS, and Python are supported for auto-injection.

OpenTelemetry Operator for Kubernetes

Cisco AppDynamics Smart Agent

This operator is responsible for the life cycle management of Kubernetes-related agents.

Next Steps

Cisco Cloud Observability supports three methods of installing Kubernetes and App Service Monitoring:

OpenTelemetry™ and Kubernetes® (as applicable) are trademarks of The Linux Foundation®.