You configure how to evaluate the health of a group of entity types based on the aggregated performance of a group of constituent entities. You define criteria to mark the parent entity type as unhealthy if the performance of certain entities exceeds or deteriorates from a number or a percentage you configure. See Health Rollup

The health of the entity you select in Step 1 is monitored by default. If you want to monitor additional parent entities, configure the health evaluation criteria accordingly.

  1. (Optional) To define health evaluation criteria for the immediate parent of a select entity type:
    1. Select the Mark checkbox .
    2. Enter the least number or percentage of the entity types that must be unhealthy to mark the health rule as violating..

  2. Repeat steps 1a and 1b to add the evaluation criteria for the subsequent parent entity types. 
  3. Click Next.

Once you complete Step 3 in the Create New Health Rule wizard, proceed to Step 4, Configure Response Action.