This topic lists the SAP environments supported by the ABAP Agent and SAP Analytics.

SAP Applications

The following table lists SAP applications with supported versions and functionalities.

SAP NetWeaver 7.0 EHP1 SP14 - 7.3 EHP1Supported OS, other OS through proxy Linux serverRFC, HTTP, Fiori, BSP, WebDynproBusiness transactionsABAP AgentExcept for ABAP trace and DB trace
SAP NetWeaver7.40 SP09 - 7.50Supported OS, other OS through proxy Linux serverRFC, HTTP, Fiori, BSP, WebDynpro, ABAP and DB Trace, NetWeaver Gateway (OData)Business transactionsABAP Agent 
SAP NetWeaver7.0 SP25 - 7.50Supported OS, other OS through proxy Linux serverMonitoring: SAP application servers - CPU, memory, disk; DB benchmark, jobs, workload statistics, lock statistics, transport errors, application log errors, ABAP dumpsAnalyticsSAP Collector 
SAP S/4 HANAAnySupported OSRFC, HTTP, Fiori

Business transactions

ABAP Agent 
SAP CRM7.0 BBPCRM 700 SP18 or newerNetWeaver ABAPBSP/CRM WebClient UI business transactions detectionBusiness transactionsABAP Agent 1805 + 
SAP PI/PO7.4 Single Stack (Java) or 7.5 and newerNetWeaver JavaHTTP-to-RFC message transaction, synchronous & asynchronous communicationBusiness transactionsJava Agent + JCo extension 
SAP Portal 7.1, SAP JVM 5.1 (JDK 1.5) and aboveNetWeaver JavaHTTP, RFC (outgoing to ABAP)Business transactionsJava Agent + JCo extension, ABAP Agent

Web applications supported by Java Agent

RFC connections to ABAP (for example, ERP) supported by Java Agent extension


SAP Supported Communication Technologies

The following table lists supported protocols used for communication between SAP systems and external applications.

NetWeaver ABAPRFCBidirectionalABAP Agent 1802Business transactions & AnalyticsABAP to ABAP and ABAP outgoing calls require enhancement of ABAP code for each RFC Function Module. Monitoring is possible through Datavard Insights
NetWeaver ABAPHTTPBidirectionalABAP AgentBusiness transactions 
NetWeaver ABAPWebservicesBidirectionalABAP AgentBusiness transactions


NetWeaver ABAPODataBidirectionalABAP AgentBusiness transactions 
NetWeaver JavaRFCOutgoingABAP AgentBusiness transactionsLimited to calls from Java to ABAP. Java Agent extension required
NetWeaver JavaHTTPBidirectionalABAP AgentBusiness transactionsSupported by Java Agent
Any JavaRFCOutgoingABAP AgentBusiness transactions

Limited to calls from Java to ABAP. Java Agent extension required

SAP Supported UI Technologies

The following table lists supported user interface technologies used in SAP applications.

UI technology


NetWeaver ABAPSAPGUIABAP AgentAnalyticsTransaction performance monitoring - workload statistics
NetWeaver ABAPFiori / SAPUI5ABAP AgentBusiness transactions


NetWeaver ABAPBSP ABAP AgentBusiness transactions 
NetWeaver ABAPCRM WebClient UIABAP AgentBusiness transactions 
NetWeaver ABAPWebDynproABAP Agent 1805Business transactionsBeta

SAP Supported Application Server Operating System

 The following table lists supported operating systems where local installation of HTTP SDK is possible. 


Windows Server 2008 R2 and higher (since agent version 4.4.1811)

64-bit (x86_64)
SAP supported Linux (Red Hat or SUSE) with glibc 2.5+64-bit (x86_64)

SAP system with multiple application servers running on mixed operating systems (i.e. Windows and Linux, or Linux and AIX, or Windows and AIX, etc.) are unsupported and local installation of HTTP SDK is not possible.

All application servers of one SAP system must either run on 64-bit Microsoft Windows or 64-bit Linux.

Also see Supported Environments, to know more about C/C++ Agent Supported Environments.

For SAP systems with unsupported application server operating systems, HTTP SDK must be installed on a separate 64-bit Linux machine. See Deploy SAP System on unsupported OS.

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