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Several performance collectors can be customized to monitor customer-specific objects. This section describes how to adjust settings for these collectors.

To navigate to Collector settings, go to t-code /DVD/APPD_DI_CON and click the Collector settings toolbar button.

Set Up Thresholds for Long-Running Jobs

Datavard Insights monitors running background jobs and reports those running longer than expected. By default, all jobs running longer than 10 minutes are reported, but this value can be changed also for specific background job names. Collected data are replicated as custom application events of type /DVD/MON_S_BG_JOB_DETAILS and into custom analytics schema monitored-bg-jobs.

Example settings

With these settings active, the background job, ZFI_ANALYSIS_JOB, is reported as 'long-running' if the run-time exceeds 20 minutes. All jobs starting with ZMM are reported if running longer than 5 minutes.

The last rule with the lowest priority and pattern matches all other jobs and specifies the default threshold for 10 minutes.

Set Up Custom Values from Job Variant Fields

Datavard Insights can populate placeholder fields with values from background job report variant fields. This is possible for long-running or failed background jobs.

Example settings

With these settings, long-running or failed background jobs with names that start with 'Z' will have the placeholder fields populated from non-empty variant elements like this:

  • value of variant element S_DATE will be stored in detail as Custom value (long) 1 (CUSLVAL1)
  • value of variant element S_TIME will be stored in detail as Custom value (long) 2 (CUSLVAL2)
  • value of variant element P_COUNT will be stored in detail as Custom value 1 (CUSVAL1)

Example variant

  • value of S_DATE is a range from 14th October 2019 to 25th October 2019
  • value of S_TIME is a range from 12:00:00 to 16:00:00 and less than 02:00:00
  • value of P_COUNT is 5



Processing of custom values can be adjusted further by implementing the following Business Add In (BAdI):

  • Enhancement spot name: /DVD/MON_EH_BADI_BG_JOB_DETAIL
  • BAdI interface: /DVD/MON_IC_BADI_COL_BG_JOBS
  • BAdI interface method: FILL_CUSTOM_FIELDS
    • Importing:
      • IT_VARIANT_VAL - Table of variant field values for given background job
      • IV_JOB_NAME - Background job name
      • JOBCOUNT - Backround job ID
    • Changing
      • CT_DETAIL - Table of problematic background job details (contain custom placeholder fields)

Monitoring of RFC Destinations

Datavard Insights can be customized for monitoring availability and ping time of selected RFC destinations. Add RFC destinations that need to be monitored into the list and select type of the test (connection, ping, authorization). Collected data are replicated as custom application events of type /DVD/MON_S_RFC_DETAILS.

Connection test and authorization test is only relevant for ABAP (type 2 or 3) and Internal (type I) RFC Destinations.

Monitoring of qRFC Queues

It is possible to monitor number of records in a specific qRFC queue (t-code SMQ1 and SMQ2) by maintaining qRFC collector settings. Specify queue name and direction (I - Inbound, O - Outbound, B - Both). RFC Destination name can be specified to narrow down the selection for specific destinations that use the same queue. Collected data are replicated into custom analytics schema sap_qrfc_details.

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