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The Mobile Agent uses configurable thresholds to determine whether an application that is not responding (ANR) should be considered a warning or critical issue. It uses these thresholds to determine the severity of the ANR.

The default severity is info. The other severity levels are warning and critical.

Default Network Request Thresholds

By default, the Mobile Agent uses the following default values to determine whether a request is slow or stalled:

  • Info: the default and used if the other thresholds aren't met.
  • Warning: greater than 3000 ms
  • Critical: greater than 5000 ms

You should configure these defaults to conform to your own criteria for your mobile applications. 

Configure Application Not Responding Thresholds

  1. From the Mobile App Group Configuration page, click the Settings tab.
  2. In the Configure Application Not Responding Thresholds section, set the thresholds for Warning Threshold and Critical Threshold in milliseconds.
  3. Click Save.
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