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AppDynamics for Databases is a MySQL monitoring tool which gives a database administrator (DBA) the ability to monitor what is happening, in real time and historically, within the MySQL server. It was one of the first deep-dive database monitoring solutions available for MySQL, pre-dating MySQL's own Query Analyzer.

AppDynamics for Databases is an essential tool for any IT organization using MySQL; it allows the DBA to work re-actively to resolve current/past MySQL performance issues, and potentially more importantly to work pro-actively by giving visibility into the user activity of the database which allows the team to prioritize and focus on the needs of the business.

Today's web-based applications are getting more and more complex; and that multi-tiered complexity often leads to a performance challenge. Research shows that when performance issues occur in one of today's typical multi-tier web applications, it can often take many man hours of effort to locate the root cause of the issue. AppDynamics for Databases is one tool which can dramatically reduce the time needed to find the issue, by correlating historical database activity and focusing on the problem. Reducing the mean time to resolution (MTTR) is the key value proposition of AppDynamics for Databases.