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Licenses for AppDynamics for Databases 2.9 and Higher

AppDynamics for Databases now supports the same concurrent licensing supported by other AppDynamics products.  You can add and use collectors up to the number of concurrent licenses you purchased. Each collector you configure consumes one license. If you configure more collectors than you are licensed to use, none of your existing collectors will work until you delete one of the collectors or add more licenses. 

When you purchase, upgrade or apply for a trial of AppDynamics for Database, the email from AppDynamics will have an attachment, license.lic that is your license file.  This license file will have an attribute, property_no-of-db-agent-license-units that indicates the number of concurrent licenses you have.

Register a New License with the AppDynamics for Databases Server

Copy the license.lic file to the <AppD4DB install directory>/apache-tomcat directory. AppDynamics for Databases automatically recognizes the license. 

The Setup page shows how many concurrent licenses you have and how many you have consumed.  Each collector you configure consumes one license. 

Until you apply a license, either through the License page, as described in For Versions Prior to 2.9 or by adding the license.lic file to the apache-tomcat directory as described above, the Licenses area in AppDynamics for Databases 2.9 and higher indicates that no licenses have been added.

However, if you have already added licenses purchased before upgrading to the 2.9 release or higher, when you go to the Licenses tab, you will see your license keys.

Licenses for Versions Prior to 2.9

Once you have purchased or applied for a trial of AppDynamics for Databases, you will receive an email from AppDynamics Support with your license key. Your license key is tied to the number of Collectors you have configured, one Collector per database instance or per NetApp controller. At the end of the installation, when the AppDynamics for Databases UI runs for the first time, you are prompted to enter your license key. To apply your key:

  1. Click Setup -> Add License.
  2. Copy your license key from the email AppDynamics Support sent you, paste it in the License Key box, and then click Add License.

  The License Management window displays the added license.


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  1. Unknown User (

    How to get licence key for my account. Currently it is showing "Your account is not currently licensed for End User Monitoring".

    1. Hi Reddy,

      Please contact your AppDynamics Sales for a trial license or to purchase a license key.