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Use the High CPU Alert to alert you when threshold CPU percentages have been exceeded on database hosts. This alert uses historical data collected by the AppDynamics for Databases host collector; therefore, for database alerts you must have enabled the Monitor OS option for the database collector.

  1. At the top right of the Alerts page, click New Alert from the top menu and from the list that appears, click High CPU Alert.

    The High CPU Alert window appears.

  2. Use the following field descriptions to complete the High CPU Alert window  and then click Save. The successfully created alert runs on the predefined schedule.
  • Instance: Specify the monitored instance types to alert on. Instance choices in the list include: All Agents; all collectors of a specific database platform; and specific database, server, and NetApp storage collectors. You can choose one instance.
  • Compare Last: Specify the time period to examine the CPU usage. For this time period, AppDynamics for Databases calculates the average CPU usage percentage and produce an email alert if the average exceeds the Threshold percentage specified.
  • Threshold: Specify the CPU usage percentage to use to compare with the average CPU usage percentage calculated using the Compare Last CPU usage percentage average.
  • Email: Optionally specify an alternate user to send the email alert to. If you do not specify an email address here, the email alert is sent to the Default To Email Address specified for the email server.
  • Custom Email Body: Optionally specify the body content of the email alert. 
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