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Use the Daily Performance Alert to produce alerts on databases and NetApp storage systems. This alert does not have any configurable parameters. It is scheduled to run once daily at 6 a.m. and reports on all monitored database instances and all monitored NetApp storage systems for the previous day. A separate email is generated for each type of monitored instance.

  1. At the top right of the Alerts page, click New Alert from the top menu and from the list that appears, click Daily Performance Alert.
    The Daily Performance Alert window appears.
  2. Use the following field descriptions to complete the Daily Performance Alert window and then click Save.
  • Alert Name: Specify a name to identify the alert on the alerts dashboard and in the alert email.
  • Email: Optionally specify an alternate user to send the email alert to. If you do not specify an email address here, the email alert is sent to the Default To Email Address specified for the email server.
  • Custom Email Body: Optionally specify the body content of the email alert.
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