This page covers release information for the installation, configuration, management, and deployment of the AppDynamics on-premises platform components. For feature-related release information, see On-premises Platform Enhancements. For product updates, including release dates, support advisories, and end-of-life notices, see Product Announcements and Alerts.

On-premises Platform Enhancements

The following table lists enhancements to the platform components in the on-premises 23.11 release.

When there is an update to an artifact, you can find the new version numbers in the following tables. Version numbers are also displayed in the AppDynamics Downloads Portal.

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Product / ComponentSummaryRelease VersionRelease Date
Enterprise Console

This release includes the minor bug fixes and enhancements. See Resolved Issues.

23.11.4April 18, 2024
Enterprise Console

This release includes the minor bug fixes and enhancements. See Resolved Issues.

23.11.3February 26, 2024
Enterprise Console

This release upgrades the Node.js version of the Reporting Service:

ComponentOld VersionUpgraded Version
23.11.2February 13, 2024
Alert and Respond

For a data unavailable scenario, you can now control the health rule evaluation to one of the following:

  • Critical or Warning: The health rule considers this no data scenario as Critical or Warning condition, and the health rule status is shown in Red or Yellow, respectively.
  • Unknown: The health rule considers the no data scenario as unknown, and the health status is shown in Grey.
  • Healthy: The health rule considers the no data scenario as healthy, and the health rule status is shown in Green.

See Create and Configure Conditions.

23.11.1December 13, 2023

These components are upgraded in this release:

ComponentExisting VersionUpdated Version
Apache xerces2.
Lodash3.10.1 and
Azul JRE-JRE 1.8.0_392(Zulu_8.74.0.18)
  • Linux Kernel is removed
  • Jetty now replaces the GlassFish application server.

You must change the GlassFish paths and port configuration to Jetty specific paths and port configuration. Verify the configuration for each component and update the paths accordingly. See Port Settings.

Enterprise Console >=23.11 allows upgrade to Controller >= 23.11 only. This is because the Controller 23.11 uses Jetty Application server instead of GlassFish.

23.11.0December 5, 2023

This release upgrades the TLS version:

ComponentOld VersionNew Version

This release of Controller supports TLS>=1.2. If you upgrade the Controller you cannot use TLS<1.2. See End of Support Notice: Disabling TLS 1.0 and 1.1.

23.11.0December 5, 2023
Enterprise Console

Enterprise Console supports administering Fleet Management (Agent Management). See Administer the Fleet Management Service.

23.11.0December 5, 2023
End User Monitoring

The Controller UI now displays the EUM Data in milliseconds. To enable this feature, set the following Controller setting to True.

After you enable this setting, the timestamp of Browser Records display the time in milliseconds.  See EUM Data.

23.11.0December 5, 2023
Browser Real User Monitoring

You can now enable the Speed Index metric when configuring the JavaScript Agent. This metric determines the page load performance by calculating how quickly the page contents are visibly populated. Speed Index is dependent on size of the Viewport and it is expressed in milliseconds. Lower page load time improves the Speed Index score. See Enable Speed Index.

23.11.0December 5, 2023
Dash Studio

With this release, you can enable ThousandEyes access in the administration page. You can visualize ThousandEyes data along with application data on the dashboard created in Dash Studio.

23.11.0December 5, 2023
Events Service

You can migrate Events Service data from 4.5.x to 23.x using a single node. It also upgrades the Elasticsearch 2.x to 8.10.x version. See Use the Events Service Node to Migrate Data.

To migrate Events Service Data on a single or multi nodes, make sure to use the analytics-on-prem-es2-es8-migration-23.7.0-246-exec.jar utility. This utility is available with the Enterprise Console 23.7 and 23.9 versions.

Therefore, upgrade Enterprise Console to 23.7 or 23.9 to start Events Service migration. After you extract the migration utility, upgrade Enterprise Console to 23.11.

23.10.0December 5, 2023
Agent Management 
This release introduces Smart Agent that allows you to use the Controller UI to perform bulk agent operations—install, upgrade, or rollback. 
Additionally, Agent Management provides the following:
  • The auto-attach feature to detect and start the supported AppDynamics agents without modifying the start configuration of the applications.
  • A command line utility, Smart Agent CLI, for buildtime workflows to automate install, upgrade and uninstall of supported AppDynamics agents (including Smart Agent).
You can administer Fleet Management (Agent Management) in the Enterprise Console. See Administer the Fleet Management Service.

You can view all the installed agents on the Agent Management tab in the Controller UI. You can navigate using any of the following ways on the Controller UI to view the Agent Management tab:

  • Home > Agent Management > Manage Agents
  • Settings >  Agent Management > Manage Agents

See Agent Management User Interface.

23.11.0 December 5, 2023

Resolved Issues

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Severity LevelAffected Versions

Release Version

Release Date
CONTRLRDEV-1293ControllerThe invalid segment error is displayed when you create Transaction Detection Rule.Medium23. 5, 2023
CONTRLRDEV-1281ControllerCannot access controller/private/ControllerFlagsServlet after you log in to the admin.jsp page.Medium23. 5, 2023
CONTRLRDEV-1945ControllerCannot access shared dashboard.High23. 5, 2023
LIC-4514AccountsAfter you upgrade the Controller to the 23.11.0 version, the Settings > License page does not display the analytics usage.Medium23. 13, 2024
CONTRLRDEV-2618ControllerLatency issues impact Controller performance.Low23. 26, 2024

The reports do not display some properties after importing the report from Dashboards & Reports > Reports.

Medium23. 18, 2024

Cannot access shared dashboard, when custom time range is set

Medium23. 18, 2024